Release Notes
December 2019

December 2019

Last update December 20, 2019

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View Reports from Web InterfaceApart from downloading a report, from now on there is the option in Reports to view the entire report within the web interface. The page includes all information you would normally find if you downloaded the report.
New Recurring Reports SchedulerOur Reports section in the Analyze module just got a new scheduler for recurring reports. Define precisely which day of the week or month, and at what time you want to regularly receive reports.
WhatsApp – New FeaturesNow available: video messages
New message type: Contacts
Business’ Seen status enabled
Contact's Profile Name shown in the incoming message
WhatsApp – ImprovementsImprovements on Flow
New interface for sending message templates over Flow
Personalized rich messages over Flow
Media URLs for received messages are visible in message logs
Improvements on API
Error codes list extended
Sender information added to delivery reports
WhatsApp – ChangesFallback language policy deprecation
Web and in-app VoiceInfobip Web and In-app Voice provides you simple and secure real-time voice communication over the web and inside mobile applications.
Conversations ImprovementsConversations Analytics Improvements
Conversations Integration with External Chatbot Enabled
Different Message Formats and Length Supported
Bulk Actions in All Work Panel Enabled
Better Organization of My Work Panel
SMS new feature - Verified SMSThrough the partnership with Google we enable our customers to have branded and verified SMS communication with their users:
Brand name
Brand logo
Brand description
Brand verification by Google message verification service makes 100% guarantee to the customers that the message is sent by the brand
Link preview, adds a visual dimension to the SMS message which catches attention, provides confidence, and increases conversion rates
Feature availability: to all users globally who are using Android devices with Google Messages application
Play action improvement in IVR Flow - pause featureFrom now on, you can add a few seconds of silence prior to the reproduction of your Voice audio file.

View Summary Reports Content from the Web Interface

From now on, all users can see the summary reports and their contents directly from our web interface. All data is visible on your report content view. You no longer have to download the report and then open it on your desktop.

Reports - delivery rate by country

In previous versions, you had to download the report and open it in Excel. That took additional time and steps, to download, locate the file, open it,wait for it to load, etc. Now it takes just one click to see the report data within the web interface in the Analyze module, under Reports.

Once you click CREATE REPORT, it’s generated and ready to use.

Click the eye icon on the report card to view your report. The page includes all information you would normally find in the exported report: report name, formatted table with data, report attributes such as the date when it was created, filters applied, date period, and more.

Analyze - All Reports

New Recurring Reports Scheduler

Our reports section in the Analyze module just got a new scheduler for recurring reports.

Define precisely which day of the week or month, and at what time you want to regularly receive reports.

Up until now, we had a few options for the recurring report: daily, weekly,and monthly. All of these reports were generated automatically at midnight. This was a problem if you wanted these reports ready for a specific meeting, for example, for a board meeting,or a weekly meeting with your team. You had to create a one-time report manually each time to get the latest data.

With the new scheduler, it’s possible to schedule the report you want for a specific time. You can even select a date range.

How It Works?

Before creating a report, choose whether you want a one-time or a recurring report. Then define the report range, report frequency, and on which day(s) you want your report delivered.

Analyze reports per date range

The user interface is intuitive and you can see when the next report will be generated. So your reports are scheduled and automatically delivered.

You can find the reports when you log in to the web interface and navigate to Anaylze > Reports along with all the other, previously generated reports.

Conversations Improvements

A short overview of all improved Conversations features.

Conversations Analytics Improvements

We’ve enhanced the Conversations dashboard with new metrics. These will help the contact center supervisors and managers check real-time and history of conversations and agents' performance, including conversations breakdown by status, agent availability status, first reply time and average handling time, and more.

Also, supervisors will be able to create and export detailed reports or send a report link to their colleagues or managers.

Reports consist of columns such as conversation topic, status, priority, customer name, agent name and first response time, channel, queue, number of messages, tags, and more.

Learn more about the Conversation Analytics.

Conversations Integration with External Chatbot Enabled

For the clients that handle conversations using our solution and third-party chatbot solution to automate part of their end-user journey, we offer the option to integrate the external bot with our Conversations.

The external bot-to-customer conversation will be transferred to the agent, and all chatbot conversation history will be visible in the Conversations Agent panel.

Here’s more about the option to connect external bots.

Different Message Formats and Length Supported

The messaging interface now supports different message formats depending on channel capabilities. Supported message length depends on the channel.

Find out more about the message types and formats.

Bulk Actions in All Work Panel Enabled

Supervisors are now able to perform bulk actions on the conversations in the All work panel, including assign and reassign, change priority, status, and queue.

More info on the All work panel.

Better Organization of My Work Panel

We reworked the list of conversations in My work, so agents have better visibility and understanding of work to be done. The assigned conversations list contains conversations with the following status: Open, Solved or Pending sorted by the date of the latest customer message.

For each conversation in the right-side panel the agent can check:&

  • A timestamp of the last received message
  • Customer name
  • Preview of the last received message

The New message notification is improved. Now agents will see a notification for pending item on the Interact module icon as well.

Here’s more information on the new My work panel.

WhatsApp New Features

To help you gather more insights from your customers, we have developed a new set of features and introduced improvements that will bring more ease in building meaningful communications between you and your customers.

New Features Available over API

Now Available: Video Messages

Video is a very powerful media content and it's now available as a new WhatsApp message type.

You can easily send video messages over both Flow or API when replying to customers' inquiry within the customer care window.

To send video messages, you need to have a direct URL to the video uploaded online. However, sharing YouTube videos is not yet available.

Using video in your communication opens new opportunities to cover a variety of use cases like sharing videos to explain how your product works and tutorial videos to help onboard your customers faster.

Learn more about WhatsApp video messages and how to use them.

New Message Type: Contacts

From now on, you are able to share contact information when communicating with your customers.

This is a very useful feature when you want to provide personalized support to your customers and connect them with a dedicated agent, personal banker or any other person who will be at their disposal and share basic contact information that can be easily stored in their smartphone contacts list.
The contact message type can include details such as contact name, address, email, company information, phone number, URL information, as well as birthday information.

Learn more about WhatsApp contact messages.

Business’ Seen Status Enabled

Until now, only the business could see if their message was seen by the customer. Now, customers can also see whether their messages were seen by the business.

This makes a big difference if your business is using WhatsApp as a customer support channel. The Seen status allows your customers to see whether you have seen their messages and that they can then expect your response.

Note that the Seen status is not automatically enabled when your business receives a message from a customer. Agents can manually set the Seen status once they’re ready to reply to customers’ inquiries. This feature is available on request—contact your Account Manager for more information.

Contact's Profile Name Shown in the Incoming Message

Every incoming message is now showing the Contact Profile Name.

This helps agents personalize their responses and provide better customer experience when starting a conversation.

WhatsApp Improvements

The following are improved features for WhatsApp.

Improvements on Flow

New Interface for Sending Message Templates over Flow

To simplify using WhatsApp message templates over Flow, we have developed a new interface.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Use drop-down menus to select a template from all your registered templates.
  • Preview your message before initiating a conversation.
  • To quickly fill the placeholders, choose from the drop-down menu options directly in the message preview.
Personalized Rich Messages over Flow

Before, the only option for sending rich media over Flow was to use the same file version containing all your campaign recipients with the same URL.

Now, you can use variables to create personalized URLs and send personalized images, videos, and documents.

Media URLs for Received Messages Are Visible in Message Logs

In cases where agents get a reply in the form of an image (e.g., a customer sends an image of the item they want to exchange), this image is now available as a URL in message logs in the Analyze module.

Improvements on API

Error Codes List Extended

The error code list has been updated and it now contains more details on different issues that can occur when sending messages, thus making troubleshooting easier when using WhatsApp over API.

Errors are grouped into three sections:

  • Client error
  • Provider error
  • System error

Find more information on API status and error codes (opens in a new tab).

Sender Information Added to Delivery Reports

Sender information is part of every Seen report. However, we’ve now added this information to Delivery reports.

For example, if you are using multiple senders, you can now check the delivery for each message sent by a certain sender.

If you’re interested in this feature, please contact your Account Manager.

WhatsApp Changes

Fallback Language Policy Deprecation

There are two policies to choose from when sending WhatsApp message templates. From Dec 18th the fallback language policy will be deprecated.

This is a friendly reminder that, if you have been using a fallback language policy in your messaging, you will need to switch to the deterministic policy.

Web and In-app Voice

With Web and In-app Voice, we help you enrich your web browsers and mobile applications with real-time communication capabilities, so you can focus on your app’s user experience and business logic.

Calls between users in your app need to be private. This is where Infobip Web and In-app Voice comes in. Calls are made over VoIP without using any cellular calling service. However, if cellular service is needed, your users can still be connected, thanks to the interoperability of our Voice platform.

Find out more about Web and In-App Voice.

SMS new feature - Verified SMS

Through the partnership with Google we enable our customers to have branded and verified SMS communication with their users:

  • Brand name
  • Brand logo
  • Brand description
  • Brand verification by Google message verification service ensures 100% guarantee to the customers that the message is sent by the brand
  • Link preview adds a visual dimension to the SMS message which catches attention, provides confidence, and increases conversion rates

Feature availability: to all users globally who use Android devices with Google Messages application.

Learn more about verified SMS.

Play Action Improvement in IVR Flow - Pause Feature

This feature enables you to add a few seconds of silence before the reproduction of the TTS message or pre-recorded audio file. You can find this useful when targeting specific people groups, e.g. older people, or on some voice connections where the operator establishes the call right away, without the natural buffer time needed for better user experience.

Keep in mind that the call will last a few seconds longer, depending on the pause duration being added.

Find more about Play.

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