Release Notes
May 2020

May 2020

Last update May 05, 2020

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Conversations ImprovementsIn a short overview, we are introducing new improvements, features, and channels in Conversations which will help you improve customer experience, agent efficiency, and business performance.
Answers ImprovementsWe are introducing many new things available on Answers – from new languages to coding element. Check more below.



Improved Analytics and Reports will help supervisors get extensive insights and data for the following entities: Agents, Utilization, Performance, Quality Score, Queues, Channels, Tags, and Voice of the Customer. There are new drill-down and extended filter capabilities available that will help in searching and managing desired conversations. Learn more about Analytics.

Improvements for Managers

New Agent statuses will help with business flexibility and agility, especially in common situations of remote work from home. You will be able to track agent's status, their changes, and performance according to their status in order to optimize their productivity. Additionally, agents will communicate their current status easier and provide a better understanding of their daily work process. Find out more about new Agent statuses.


Infobip Bot Integration - Answers

Infobip chatbot building platform – Answers, will provide 24/7 support when you create a keyword or AI chatbot that allows seamless transitions to live agents. Upgrade your customer experience and offload FAQs from your agents – all from a single platform.

Key benefits are improved customer experience, together with 24/7 customer service, scalability, and cost optimization. Find out more about Answers.

Away Message Automation

Automatic Away messages will support you in setting up a contact center's off-hours and define Auto-reply message for that specific period. Supervisors and agents will be able to see all conversations created in that period and make follow-ups while making sure that customers know they will take care of them as soon as possible. Learn how to use Away messages.

Agent Productivity

Message Details

Message details (delivered and seen status) are available for WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook Messenger. Agents appreciate knowing when messages are being delivered to customers, and even more, when they have read the message. It essentially lets them act better and they have more time to deal with inquiries properly. Learn more about Message details.

Start Conversation Improvements

Start a conversation feature has been redesigned with the purpose of an easier and more intuitive user experience. Find more about the Start a conversation update.

Channels Reach

We are introducing Live Chat as an integral part of Conversations. Connect with your website visitors and mobile app users in real-time and provide instant support to your customers, with no additional costs. Learn more about Channels in Conversations.

There are additional channels supported in Conversations:

  1. LINE LINE, as the fastest-growing mobile messaging app in the world, will help you provide customer support via their preferred channel, especially for key markets in Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Thailand.
  2. RCS RCS (Rich Communication Services) will enable you to interact with customers with rich content messages that come native on their phones.
  3. Voice With enabled real-time Audio and VideoEarly Access calls, your customers can reach out directly from mobile applications, websites, or simply by dialing from mobile or landline phones. This will provide uninterrupted customer experience and support customers in reaching out to your support with a single click. Also, agents can answer calls directly from the Conversations, which enables fast customer service and easy work from home whenever necessary.


Templating Language

Helps with the extraction of values and dynamic generation of content using objects, tags and filters giving you more flexibility in how you present attributes and create message content. Learn more about templating language.

Message Randomization

You can add up to 5 different message texts that can be randomly sent as a message to the user, making the same conversation sound different whenever your user reaches the same point in the conversation. Message randomization is available in Send text, Attribute, Fallback, and Repeat elements.

Coding Element

Use JavaScript and do more with attribute manipulation (secure hashing of values, saving json files into variables, etc.) and enable more for attribute configuration in your chatbot.
Learn more about the Coding element.

Support for Other Languages

Added additional support for other Latin and non-Latin languages. Note that NER (Named Entity Recognition) can be used only with English language.

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