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September 2019

September 2019

Last update September 18, 2019

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Forward calls to multiple phone numbers in IVR FlowWe’ve enriched the Forward call action in the Flow. From now on, you can forward your calls to several phone numbers instead of only one.
Flow Improvements„Any keyword“ on Inbound Message entry point and Evaluate Inbound Message element improvements.

Forward Calls in IVR

From now on, you are able to forward your calls on the IVR Flow to several different phone numbers instead of only to one.
You can choose between:

  • Parallel ringing - provided phone numbers will ring all at the same time until one of them is picked up.
  • Sequential ringing - provided phone numbers will ring one after the other until one of them is picked up or we get to the end of the list. If one of the phone numbers wasn’t picked up, was busy or not reachable, we'll try calling the next in line.

Flow Improvements

Multiple flows can use the same number to receive a message from the end users. Until now we were limited to only one flow with the number for which „Any keyword“ was used as the content of the reply. From now on you can have multiple flows, using the same number and having „Any keyword“ in it. In a situation like that, the exact keywords like e.g. YES will have higher priority than „Any keyword“.

Read more about Evaluate Inbound Message and Inbound Message Entry Point.

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