Release Notes
July 2021

July 2021

Last update July 21, 2021

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ConversationsCallback, Call Link and Internet Network Indicator features for Calls.
Google Play Store reviews.
Notes attachment support.
Self-service now available in Conversations (free trial is available before you decided on purchasing a Starter, Enterprise or even a custom plan).
AnswersURL shortening and tracking enabled for WhatsApp chatbots.
Self-service now available to onboard yourself to Answers.
Free trial now available before purchasing a plan.
Starter and Enterprise plans now available.
WhatsAppNew message types available: list replies and interactive button replies.
RCSRCS resources have been added to guide you through the onboarding phase.
MMSMMS now available over Broadcast



Sign up for self-service in Conversations and use our intuitive step-by-step guide to onboard yourself. We have set up a detailed and interactive process so you can decide to opt in for a free trial or purchase one of the available product plans.

Free Trial

Use the Conversations free trial to check out which features you can use before you purchase a plan best suited to your business needs.


Select one of the available product plans: Starter plan, Enterprise, or you can even request a custom plan if there are some specific features that you need but aren't part of Starter or Enterprise plans.

Calls - Callback

This release brings an enhanced version of the waiting strategy with the callbackpossibility.

You can configure your platform in a way to connect callers and agents automatically or manually, have different queue priorities, specify various callbacks, confirmation messages, and much more.

This feature allows callers to request a callback in case they've been waiting for too long to be serviced or if there are no available agents to pick up their call, or if they simply want to be called back at a later time.

Call Link – option to choose a front or back camera

We have added a new option to our Generated Call Link where end users can switch between the back or front camera during a video call. This provides a smooth user experience where the end user can speak with an agent and also share their screen to better explain their issues.

Note that this option is available on devices that have more cameras (smartphones, tablets).

Internet Network Indicator

Added the ability todetect internet issues during a callon the agent or end-user's side (during web and in-app calls).

Every internet issue is indicated to the agent with a modal saying “Your connection is weak.” or “Customer’s connection is weak.”

Automatic Agent Assignment

Improvements on the Automatic Agent Assignment process (can be found under the Queues section). Changes will not be visually represented to end users but a lot of background architecture has been improved:

  • The number of triggers that can start the Automatic Agent Assignment has been reduced to the agent status change
  • Introducing the locking mechanism, meaning that only one Automatic Agent Assignment process per conversation can run at any given time
  • The conversations distribution is fairer taking into consideration agent’s idle time and capacity
  • The Agent status changes apply instantly. No more delays when setting the Full Capacity status.

Notes Attachment Support

Bringing the ability for agents to add attachments in notes. This helps agents add any supporting documentation to their related conversations with customers.

Agents can store any screenshots, docs, and other file types in their notes which help them or their colleagues get the full scope of the conversations and what has been done to resolve customer's issues.

This feature is available over our Conversations API solution as well.

Google Play Reviews

You can now use Conversations to handle reviews of your apps published in the Google Play Store.

Viber Business Messages File Support

End users can now send attachments to agents using Viber Business Messages. Agent can receive .pdf, .doc, .docx,.xls (and more) files from end users.


The following two items are not included in this release as announced previously, we hope to have them ready for our next release. Stay tuned!

Customer Context / Agent Experience

Integration with CDP (Leads/Customer)

We are introducing more types of audience profiles so agents can determine the type of user is getting in touch with your brand – whether it's a lead or a customer. All inbound conversations will be associated with profiling according to the data provided to CDP (Customer Data Platform).

Live Chat

Each inbound conversation will be associated with a user profile and agents will be able to see these changes. All conversations that were previously called conversations with Visitors will now be conversations with Leads.

A bot or agent will be able to update the user profile based on inputs they receive and if they determine that it’s the same Lead from a previous conversation. This way you can use Live Chat as a lead generation and qualification tool.

Agents will always be able to differentiate if the current live chat conversation is trusted and whether that particular conversation has a potential lead if additional information can be collected for further nurturing and engagement campaigns.


URL Shortening and Tracking

You now have the option to shorten your URLs for your WhatsApp chatbots. This means lengthy URLs will be trimmed down for recipients so as not to take up more screen space.

URL tracking has also been enabled which is now reflected in reporting.

Self Service

You can now use the automated self-service to get yourself up and running with the Infobip Answers solution. The detailed and intuitive setup process will guide you from start to finish, and you can choose the option to trial the solution free first or purchase a plan.

Free Trial

Free trial is now available to allow you to try the solution first before moving on to a product plan. The free trial lets you try out the whole chatbot solution.

Product Plans

You can now select a product plan that suits your business requirements more. The starter plan allows you to work with a limited number of keyword-based chatbots with a limited number of sessions and one channel. The Enterprise plan allows you to use unlimited AI-enabled chatbots with an unlimited amount of sessions and channels.


List Replies and Interactive Replies

Two new message types are now available for WhatApp free-form messages:

  • List replies allow end users to choose one of up to 10 options and send a response back to you
  • Interactive replies allow end users to select one of up to three automated response messages and send a response back to you


RCS Onboarding Instructions Added

RCS setup docs are now live to guide you through the onboarding phase. You can now follow the instructions to get set up and start using RCS.


MMS over Broadcast

You can now create and send MMS communications over Broadcast.

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