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Last update June 28, 2023

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SignalsUnconstrained by location, our new, cutting-edge product protects you from fraudulent traffic
ConversationsIntroducing the recording file name logic and Conversations data inside the recordings metadata file
Bringing a new workflow condition
Additional parameters in the WhatsApp inbound message with a referral
Messages APINew message types added - Document and Video
CPaaS X elements included
MomentsAudience tracking in active Flows
PeopleReal-time Segmentation is now available
WhatsAppReferral inbound messages parameters
Authentication template registration over API
Preverified numbers
LINELINE Official Notification (LON)
CPaaS XManage Applications and Entities on the web interface
Link API Keys to Applications and Entities
Subscription Management available on the web interface
RCSIntroducing RCS Message Templates for RCS in India
EmailNew MENA (AE2, UAE) Region Data Center
Apps and IntegrationsUpdates to one app



Signals is a tool for detecting artificially created traffic employed in various fraudulent scenarios that ultimately result in inflated costs.

This new product uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to recognize fraudulent patterns. Some of the parameters are:

  • Frequency of messages towards the destination
  • Number range activity
  • Phone number type, etc.

With Signals, you can block artificial OTP traffic, discover and analyze fraudulent behavior to create a solution suited to your needs and get the best practices to combat fraud.



Recording file name logic and Conversations data inside recordings metadata file

This month's release brings several new options for recordings:

  • Meaningful file name for call recordings
  • Option to add Conversations specific data to a metadata file

Supervisor guide

Workflow condition

We are introducing a new workflow condition - Customer contact. This condition is used as a filter if a workflow is triggered with an event. For example, when a message arrives from a specific customer, a tag is added to the conversation.

Conversations API

We are adding 4 additional parameters to the Referral object in the WhatsApp inbound message:

  • headline - The headline used in the ad that generated the message
  • body - The body from the ad that generated the message
  • mediaId - The image or video that the user sees and clicks
  • ctwaClickId - The Click-to-WhatsApp Click ID (ctwa_clid) is a personal identifier, unique per click, that is exposed to the business when the user enters the conversation originating from a Click to WhatsApp (CTWA) ad

Messages API

New message types added - Document and Video

This month we are happy to announce that we have added the Document and Video message types to MessagesAPI.

Use the document message type to send files through your chosen messaging channels, natively, MMS, WhatsApp, and Viber Business Messages. Use video messages for MMS, WhatsApp, RCS, and Viber Business Messages.

CPaaS X elements included

We've also extended the Messages API so it now works seamlessly with CPaaS X. This gives you greater flexibility in managing your configurations and resources in whatever manner that suits your needs.


Audience tracking in active Flows

This month we have improved the Predefined Audience entry point in Moments to allow you to create dynamic Flows using tags.

Now when a tag is applied to a person profile and a Flow is active, that user will enter the Flow and be able to be tracked. This feature supports you in engaging your audience automatically in Flow without needing to duplicate and relaunch Flows when tags are added to person profiles or segments change.

This feature will also work well with the newly released real-time segments feature.


Real-time segmentation is now available

Real-time segments are a new type of segment that can automatically track audience profile attribute changes in Moments Flow and enable you to add new profiles to the segment automatically.

This powerful early access feature lets you create 'fire-and-forget' flow campaigns in Moments knowing that the profiles within the segment are always current and accurate.

Use Real-time segments with a Predefined Audience entry point to create dynamic flows.


Referral inbound messages

Learn more information when an end user clicks and ad that contain click-to-WhatsApp button.

Authentication template registration over API

WhatsApp template registration can be done over API. Visit WhatsApp API (opens in a new tab) to learn more.

Preverified numbers

Get your number from Infobip and pre-verify it before Meta registration.


LINE Official Notification (LON) is a service for sending notification messages to the users, formerly known as LINE Notification Service. Learn more about redesign and available features here.


Subscription Management now available on the web interface

Setting up and managing what events you want to subscribe to and where and how you want to receive them is now available directly on the web interface.  Previously, if you wanted to subscribe to an event (e.g. Delivery Report, Seen event, etc.), set the webhook you want it sent to, and set how you want to authenticate the event on your webhook, you had to integrate with our Subscriptions API.  Now you can log on to our web interface and do this or view what Subscriptions you have already set up.

Manage Applications and Entities on the web interface

You can now create, configure and view Applications and Entities directly from the Infobip web interface.  Previously, this was only possible on the Application and Entity Management API.

Link API Keys to Applications and Entities

It is now possible to link an API key to an Application and/or Entity.  This provides enhanced security for traffic using Applications and/or Entities allowing you to separate and protect your traffic.  Available channels and endpoints are listed on API Keys with Application and Entity.


RCS Template Messages

This release introduces the use of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) templates to support the use of RCS in India. Businesses in India can't use RCS directly via Google and must direct traffic through a single gateway carrier (Vodafone India).

RMS Template Messages are designed to prevent abuse of anti-spam policies, for example, where users are inundated with promotional RCS messages, but to enable businesses to continue using RCS to send messages to customers.

For more information, see RCS Template Messages (India Only).


New Email data center in MENA (AE2, UAE)

Full Email local deployment is now available over the MENA data center (UAE, Dubai), which includes:

  • All email messages are submitted, processed, and delivered within the same local data center
  • Messages are delivered using local IPs by the MTA deployed in the local data center
  • No cross-data center communication ​

The new data center provides the following benefits:

  • Better performance and latency for focus on big senders with huge volumes
  • Ensure faster response time and faster email delivery
  • Keep data in the region
  • Remain fully compliant with local regulations

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