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RCS over Moments

Use RCS over Flow in Moments to send communication based on customer information such as interests and activities. Add a fallback option to make sure that your messages are delivered.

RCS over Conversations

Use RCS over the Infobip cloud contact center solution (CCaaS) Conversations. Provide customers with real-time support through one-on-one conversations with an agent.

In addition, you can offer customers the option to move their chat from a chatbot to a live agent. Live agents can manage requests that a chatbot may not be able to manage.

RCS over Answers

Use RCS over the Infobip chatbot building platform, Answers, to build artificial intelligence and keyword-based custom chatbots with automated responses. Use these chatbots as the first point of contact for customers to get answers to a predefined set of queries at any time.

RCS over Broadcast

Use RCS over Broadcast to create and send pre-defined one-time communication to your customers. Add a fallback option to make sure that your broadcast is delivered.

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