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Last update December 15, 2021

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ConversationsImprovements in the mobile app.
Email redesign and new onboarding experience.
Knowledge Base updates.
New Reports types available.
SLAs now globally available.
Apple Messages for Business available in Conversations.
Conversation Forms available over API in full capacity.
Self-service available for all accounts.
AnswersApple Messages for Business is the latest addition to supported chatbot channels.
Secured attributes are now available.
Guided tour around Answers added.
Apple Messages for BusinessA new communication channel that is available in Answers and Conversations.
MomentsNew Flow element added - Notify Internal Recipients.
Send-Time Optimization now available for all Customers with the Moments Enterprise package.
PeopleExpression Attributes.
Anonymous Visitors.
User Sessions.


Self-Service for All Accounts

Self-service is now available for Conversations accounts who want to check out the Free Trial, regardless of whether those are existing accounts or new ones. Moreover, the Conversations Account Manager role can now activate Answers or Moments free trial as well.

Self-signup process is comprehensively explained in a step-by-step process in our web interface (opens in a new tab) to help you get started with Conversations.

Read more about Self-Service in Conversations to familiarize yourself with a variety of features you can use.


To simplify agents' everyday work and make it easier to communicate with customers through email, we have added a few improvements in the Email channel in Conversations:

  • Attachments preview
  • Input text and fields To, Cc, and BCC UX behavior improvements
  • Improved the threading presentation in handling email through My Work
  • Ability to Reply or Forward emails in the My Work panel
  • Ability to react ( Reply/Reply to all/Forward ) to the exact thread from the email communication
  • As well as other small UX improvements

Also, a whole new onboarding experience when setting up the Email channel in Conversations has been added. It offers a thorough and intuitive process for creating senders and domains.

Service-Level Agreement (SLA) Global Availability

SLAs in Conversations is now globally available for all our customers using the enterprise Conversations package. This feature helps Supervisors faster recognize breached SLA in conversations so they can act quickly and resolve such conversations to avoid long SLA breaches. Having this enabled is extremely beneficial to Supervisors as it helps them focus on the most important issues based on the severity level.

Agents can also view SLA details in both All Work and My Work panels.

Read more about SLA in Conversations.

Mobile App

Conversation-management tools in the mobile app have been enhanced by Conversation Forms and an editable Customer profile.

Agents can fill in the form fields set in the Conversation Forms, with information collected during the call or chat. This is especially necessary when agents are required to fill in certain form fields pertaining to the conversation with the customer.

The customer profile replaces the previously passive customer info tab in conversation details. Its structure will follow the customization done per Customer Context Card setup.

Also, a new quick reply feature allows agents to reply to new messages directly from their device's notification center, without the need to open the app.


We have changed the duration format within all Conversation reports. Regardless of whether it is the duration of some metric (e.g., Resolution Time) or the duration of the time agents spend in a certain status (AwayTime), the format used to display this data is: ( HH:MM:SS).

Conversations Report

A new timestamp, Handed over at, has been added to the Conversations report. This timestamp is crucial for calculating important metrics. It represents the time when a conversation first arrived at the Conversations (contact center).

Conversations report now also displays the information on which Sender participated in the conversation. If the customers are sending messages to a sender, it will be listed as the sender that participated in the conversation.

Agent's Status Logs

This is a new report that showcases how agents use their time in Conversations. Agent's Status Logs tracks and shows the exact time when agents entered a specific status, changed their status to another one, and the duration spent in that status.

This will help Conversations Analytics Managers understand how their agents are utilizing their time, at which point in time they're changing something in conversations. Also, this report will help them perform a more precise evaluation of their agents.

Knowledge Base

We are simplifying the onboarding experience for customers using our Knowledge base, and enabling the option to import the articles from a CSV file. Import from CSV now supports plain text articles with the possibility to define the content structure from the CSV itself.

Apple Messages for Business

Apple Messages for Business (Global Availability) is a new channel in the Infobip portfolio that helps your businesses connect with customers directly from Maps, Siri & Safari on any Apple device. Apple Messages for Business can help you reach your customers using over 1.65 billion iOS devices over the world. Read more about Apple Messages for Business.

Google’s Business Messages Integration with People

People module has been integrated into Google's Business Messages in Conversations. From now on, every customer who contacts you via Google's Business Messages will have their contact stored in the People module, providing you with a 360-degree view of your customers.

Conversations API

The Conversation Forms feature is now available over API (opens in a new tab) in full scale. This allows developers to build their own interface to manage conversation forms. You also have the possibility to fill in conversation-level form content directly from external systems.

Agent Experience

Updated the behavior of new messages received in Solved status

To avoid any missed messages from the customers, we have updated the behavior whenever a new message is received and the conversation status is set to Solved. In this scenario, the received message will automatically update the conversation status to Open, so the agents don't miss any new messages from the customer.


Apple Messages for Business Now Available

Apple Messages for Business is now available over Answers. This change brings a brand new channel to Answers and Conversations to target all Apple users using Apple's various message types.

The following message elements are now available for Apple messages:

  • List Pickers - Offer customers pre-defined suggestions to pick from a list
  • Time Pickers - Offer customers available timeslots to pick from for appointments
  • iMessages - Send iMessages to users of Apple devices
  • Rich Links - Use media as linkable funnels to your website
  • Apple Pay - Let customers pay directly through their Apple devices using Apple Pay
  • Authentication - Authenticate customers through 3rd party platforms directly from chats
  • Quick Replies - Offer customers pre-defined set responses to choose from

Option To Secure Attributes Added

A Sensitive Value option has been added to the Attributes window.

When this option is enabled, attribute values will be encrypted in the database rather than being stored as plain text, thus adding an extra layer of security.

Explore Answers

A guided tour has been added to Answers to help you learn about and navigate around our chatbot solution giving you a deeper and hand on insight into how it works.

Use the new Explore option on the home screen (opens in a new tab) to explore Answers now!

Apple Messages for Business

New Communication Channel is Now Available

Apple Messages for Business is now available in Answers and Conversations. Apple Messages for Business is a two-way communication channel that helps you communicate with customers. You can help your customers resolve issues, schedule appointments, make purchases, make payments with Apple Pay, and more.

Use entry points, such as Message Suggest and Messages button, to enable customers to contact your business.

Apple Messages for Business offers rich messaging options such as list picker and time picker. The channel also offers advanced integrations such as Apple Pay, authentication, and iMessage app.



A guided onboarding tour has been added to Moments to help you navigate and learn about Moments before you subscribe.

Follow the comprehensive steps in the web interface (opens in a new tab) home screen to get started with Moments now!

New Flow element added - Notify Internal Recipients

There may be times in your communication where you want to send an email or SMS notification to internal business units as part of your Flow. This is now possible using the Notify Internal Recipients element.

Use this element to bring employees closer to customers by including it in your Flow. It has many valuable use cases, for example, notifying staff, the management or even physical store locations when a customer performs a particular action, such as returning an item to the store.

Send-Time Optimization now available for all Customers with the Moments Enterprise package

Send-time optimization is now out of BETA and is available to all customers with the Moments Enterprise package.  Leverage STO to pick the best time to send out communication to customers and increase the click and open rates.


Anonymous Visitors

People Web SDK has been enhanced to now track anonymous/first interaction events on websites from the moment a user starts interacting with it. As contact information is captured on a website, WebSDK provides methods to connect history of interactions to a newly created or existing profile. This powerful functionality provides you with even more insight into customer behavior.  To use this functionality be sure to update to the most recent version of the Web SDK.

User Sessions

To accompany the extension of the People Web SDK functionality in this release, user session tracking has been added to People. It is now possible to track when users enter a website, when they leave the site, and also gather session information that gets stored directly in the user's timeline.

Use this session data to drive customer engagement. Create bespoke campaigns for users who spend a long time on your website, segment audience based on user session duration or even trigger flows using the session started event for customers coming from a specific advertising campaign.

Expression Attributes

It is now possible to make People profile attributes even more powerful by using Expression Attributes to create and store calculations on profile data. For example, the amount of email link clicks per email sent.

This is done using a flexible expression language composed of one or more constants, attributes, functions and operators to help you create a formula that outputs an expression value. Use the expression value to make profile data go even further.

Extend functionality and improve your user experience with expressions to clean your People data, calculate time and date differences, adapt data to local formatting styles, create attributes that are highly personalized to your customer needs, and much more.

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