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Last update May 08, 2024

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ConversationsPosition in queue
Improvement of message delivery report
Updated list of supported attachments
Agent overview in My Work
Notifications improvement
Introducing a new GET API endpoint
Metrics APINew API metrics
WhatsAppAuthentication international rates
Messages APIScheduling
Deep links in Viber Business Messaging


Calls - Position in queue

The release introduces enhancements to the waiting strategy for calls, primarily focusing on improving the customer experience within the call center environment. One significant improvement involves providing callers with an estimated waiting position in the queue. This transparency empowers customers to manage their expectations better, ultimately reducing frustration and enhancing overall satisfaction with the call center service.

Improvement of message delivery report

With this improvement, you can now identify recipients who have not received the email because of its failed status, along with the status of each message recipient, accessible via the tooltip.

Supported attachments in Email

The list of supported attachments in Email has been extended.

Agent overview in My Work

With this change, the Email user interface in Conversations has been significantly updated, including:

  • A new file tab for all attachment types within the selected conversation
  • A new modal displaying email details across the entire screen
  • The ability to download all attachments as a zip file
  • An updated attachment overview with a dark background, rotation, zoom, and arrow switch or click navigation.
  • New sender icons, aliases, and message boxes with a different information order and appearance.

Notification improvements

This release brings notification improvements through a combination of stable technical solutions, customizable notifications per queue, and sound alerts. It includes the following:

  • Sound notifications, configurable by agent (turned off by default)
  • 2 new notification types, configurable on queue level when:
    • New conversation arrives in the queue
    • New message arrives in a conversation from the queue

GET Simulate routing endpoint

This release is bringing a new API endpoint: GET Simulate routing. The GET Simulate routing endpoint is used to retrieve routing results for existing conversations. This method allows you to obtain information about the routing process for a conversation without actually executing the routing. If an agent is currently assigned to the conversation, this API will not modify the assignment; instead, it provides insights into the expected routing outcome. Closed conversations cannot be routed using this method.

Metrics API

SMS metrics calculation refinement

To ensure a consistent approach to metrics terminology across the platform, we improved the SMS metrics calculation methods. The updated Total traffic metrics now includes counts for individual messages or message segments (parts), offering a more comprehensive SMS usage overview. The new Total SMS messages metrics reports the total number of distinct SMS messages sent, regardless of their segmentation. We also updated the Total sent and Delivered metrics to accurately reflect segments counts. 

As part of the update, we retired the Total segments metrics. That data is now integrated into the Total traffic metric. The changes are applied retroactively, ensuring the accuracy of historical data and allowing a more reliable analysis.


Applying new authentication international rates for business located in India and Indonesia.

Messages API


Use scheduling to plan and manage your communication. Specify the content, sending time, and target channels in advance.

Deep links in URL for Viber Business Messaging

You can add deep links in URLs for buttons in Viber Business Messaging.

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