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Last update March 29, 2023

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AnswersUse chatbot templates to get started with creating chatbots or to learn about Answers.
Use the new element, Custom Events, to send events from Answers to People.
CatalogsCatalogs is now available over API.
ConversationsEmail channel coming with an updated list of supported templates and attachments.
Bringing calls & screen sharing for Live Chat mobile (Early Access) together with customization support.
Introducing the Sorting option in All Work.
PeopleIntroducing adjustable Profile Export.
Events Export Quick Start Page now available.
Email Editor in MomentsNew Email Editor features:
Sending a test message in Preview mode.
Inbox Previews feature for testing message design in different email clients and devices.
Apps and IntegrationsNew improvements for three integrations.
This release also includes a Litmus integration that supports the Inbox Previews feature in the Email Editor.
WhatsAppSend Location CTA Button.
New Template Categories.


Use Templates to Create Chatbots

You can now use chatbot templates in Answers.

A chatbot template is a predesigned chatbot that uses example content, configuration, and integration to simulate a real-life chatbot. You can use a template in the following ways:

  • Use it as it is for testing and learning about Answers. You can activate the template immediately.
  • Use it as a base to build a chatbot. Instead of creating a chatbot from scratch, you can create a chatbot from a template. You can then customize the chatbot for your use case and requirements, and use it in a live environment.
  • Use it as a base to build advanced chatbots to use in a live environment.

You can explore chatbot templates in your Infobip account (opens in a new tab). For information about templates and how to use them, refer to the Create Chatbot from a Template documentation.

New Custom Events Element

Use the new chatbot element, Custom Events, to send custom events to People.

When an end user interacts with your chatbot and performs an action, you can pass this event to People, and save it against the end user's Person profile. You can then retrieve this information from People to use in interactions with the end user.


  • Use the event as context in Answers and Conversations.
  • Follow up with the end user through a Flow campaign in Moments.
  • Use the event properties to populate computed attributes in People.

For information about configuring and using the element, refer to the Custom Events documentation.


Use Catalogs over API

Use the Catalogs API to create and manage catalogs and their contents. Use these catalogs in your interactions with end users.


  • Create a list of stores and their details, such as location, phone number, and working hours. Use this information when an end user asks you for a store that is nearest to their location.
  • Create a list of products and their details, such as description, image, and price. Use this information to suggest product options to end users.
  • Create a list of articles or newsletters, and their details, such as title, description, and image. Share these articles with end users to promote your products.

For more information, refer to the Catalogs over API and the Catalogs API (opens in a new tab) documentation.


Attachments and templates in the Email channel

We have updated the list of supported attachments and templates in the following:

  • Messaging with customer
  • Templates for the Email channel

Check the Supported attachments and templates table to learn what templates and attachments are supported in the Email channel.

Calls and screen sharing in Live Chat mobile



This feature will be released as Early Access.

To fully enable a multichannel experience, we are offering agents the option to initiate a call through the Live Chat mobile widget, sharing the mobile screen while participating in active live chat conversations.

Check this link to find out more.

Live Chat mobile customization support

In order for our clients to effortlessly express their brand's visual identity and voice, we are now providing them with even more customization options for the mobile Live Chat widget.

Sorting in All Work (Mobile)

This improvement helps you sort conversations in All Work by:

  • Oldest pending
  • Latest pending
  • Conversation status
  • Customer name
  • Queue name

History view can be sorted by:

  • Customer name
  • Queue name
  • Oldest closed
  • Latest closed


Adjustable Profile Export

Profile export has been given a real boost in People this month. Now you can select only the profile data and attributes that you want to export. By filtering out unwanted attributes at the export stage, you no longer have to worry about large export files and cleaning the data file after export.

Events Export Quick Start Page

We've created a dedicated page in Infobip to make it easier for you to start using the events export API. Follow the Events Export (opens in a new tab) quick start guide, or learn more at Events in External Systems.

Email Editor in Moments

Send Test Message in Preview Mode

This release extends the Preview panel so that you can send a test message and make adjustments to any personalized attributes before sending the email message to the final recipients.

This feature lets you use a test email address recipient and then send them a message during the design stage.

For more information, see Test Message in Preview.

Inbox Preview

Inbox Preview is a feature that lets you preview your emails across more than 100 email clients, apps, and devices to ensure an on-brand, error-free subscriber experience. With this feature, you can preview your email on different devices and screen sizes, email platforms, and operating systems to help you optimize your email, ensuring consistency in design and functionality. The benefit of using Inbox Preview is that you can verify that your emails will be shown exactly how you want them.

Inbox Previews is activated in Infobip using an integration with the Litmus Email Marketing Platform.

For more information, see Inbox Previews.

Apps and Integrations

  • ServiceNow - now includes the new Voice channel for sending one-way notifications with Infobip Notify
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud - now includes improved error handling that resolves the issue where end users get stuck in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journeys: if there are any cases when messages cannot be sent because of missing information, customers will be able to re-try sending the messages to those customers. This release also enables SMS support for India DLT templates.
  • Optimove - includes how to set up optimal timing for message templates using the delivery time window features
  • Litmus - new integration that supports the Inbox Previews feature in the Email Editor.


Send Location CTA Button

Call-to-Action button implementation to make things easier for the customers. Send your location to the business more intuitively.

New Template Categories

Introducing new template categories for business- and user-initiated conversations.

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