Release Notes
October 2020

October 2020

Last update October 13, 2020

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Voice improvementsWe have upgraded the Collect Element in IVR Flow. From now on, map real meaning for entered response codes (DTMF values) and find new response codes options. Find out more about bulk download of recorded files, Video recording early access and new storage billing details.
EmailTo help improve your domain reputation online, and thus boost deliverability, we have implemented automatic IP/domain warmups for all newly added domains.
Conversations improvementsFind out more about new outbound calls in Conversations, as well as other improvements in Live Chat, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Learn more about Analytics - new voice metrics, tooltips, filters, and don't miss the latest Automation and agent experience upgrades.


The Collect element in IVR flowis introducing an additional option to map collected response codesand display the mapped meaning of each digit. The meaning of each digit will be shown in flows and reports, and you will be able to grow customer relationships based on analytics that include all necessary information!

With new response codesoptions, choose whether you would like to exclude, show, or mask (masked value – xxxx) certain response codes in your reports and logs.
Analyze your reports more efficiently while examining just meaningful content that will bring more focus to your business!

Visit our DOCS pages to find out more about the Collect element in IVR.

New Billing for Voice Recording Feature

From now on, clients are charged based on the number of parallel calls using the recording feature.
Please contact us (opens in a new tab) for more information regarding billing.

Storage charges for files recorded using the Record Voicemail element in the IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

Bulk Download of Recorded Files

Improved call details available on bulk download of recorded files.

Video Recording Early Access

Use our Video recording feature (in the Early Access phase) and store the files after the conversation ends. Stream video files using our web interface.


Domain Setup Improvements

You can now select sender region to determine which data center sends out traffic. You can now also set your max daily traffic limit.

Automatic IP/Domain Warmup

IP/domain warmups now occur automatically for every new domain added via the web interface.



News for call center** -Voice Outbound calls** are now available in Infobip Conversations. You can start a new outbound call with a customer by selecting a contact phone number from People or by typing in a new contact phone number directly. Also, you can record these calls.

DuringInbound weband in-app audiovideo calls available in Conversations, agents can switch between audioand video, making the user experience more streamlined and flexible for both agents and customers. Also, we are enabling the ability to set up a waiting strategyfor customers waiting to speak to an agent, as well as recording options for both audio and video (Video recording is in the Early Access phase).

For all users of Outbound IVR Flow, there is a new option to transfer calls to agents in Conversations.

WhatsApp media templates used in communication with end users will be visually displayed on agents' desktops together with end-users' information and their actions (payload). 
This will enable all agents to quickly scan the content, grasp the message context, and lead the communication confidently!

Facebook message tags are new predefined categories you choose when initiating new conversations 24 hours after the customers' last message is received.
Categories are based on the purpose of conversations such as Confirm event, Post-purchase, and Account update. This will allow you to engage with customers at any time.

**New quick replies in Live Chat**welcome message and chatbot interaction will allow your end users to click on predefined answers instead of typing them – improving the overall customer experience!


In Dashboard, we added newAll work filtersand extended drill-down capabilitiesto empower supervisors' everyday work.
Newest tooltips on widgets will help guide users through the meaning of data shown on the dashboards.

With more predefined buckets - intervals, we improved the**Handling Time widget** to provide a more granular view and understanding of conversations distribution.
You can find out which inquiries are solved faster or slower, as well as deviations from the norm, and thus act accordingly.

For call center and Voice calls, we bring new insights into overall and agent performance dashboards with additional metrics such as missed, transferred, and rejected calls.

Queue reports are richer with new insights: if conversations are closed manually or automatically and show the waiting time for each queue. 
This will provide extended knowledge about queue performance – which one is overloaded, fastest, slowest, needs a chatbot to help, etc.


Thinking about your overall user experience, we enabled the deleting of queues. You are now able to delete all tests and other unnecessary queues in order to focus only on important (day-to-day business) ones and achieve better control.
Deleted queues will essentially stay a part of analytics, but they are excluded from the operational business. Also, from now on, you can set upWorking hours by queue!
Read more about Queues.


Send real-time automated messages to end users in case the agent is not replying. This shows great customer care. 
Set it up for conversations when an agent can’t reply and let your customers know you'll get back to them - even outside business hours.
Additionally, close those conversations so they don't disturb your performances, and reengage! 
Read more about Automations.

Agent Productivity

For a better agent experience, the agent desktop will resemble messaging on the mobile phone. Agent messages are placed on the right part of the desktop, while the customer messages are on the left. The new "Mark as unread" option for each conversation will enable better daily operations and performances while making sure that messages don't end up unnoticed.

With the goal of improving performances and load time in My work, we bring a new update about conversations views.
There will be up to 50 active conversations immediately shown to agents in MY WORK.
If agents have more than 50 active conversations assigned, they can access them in ALL WORK under "My Conversations". 
Also, for quick access to "My Conversations", there will be a "View all" link from MY WORK that will lead directly to it.

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