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Last update October 27, 2021

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AnswersChatbot import/export now available.
All languages now supported for NER attributes.
IntegrationsRCS now supported for ServiceNow.
Eloqua: URL shortening and URL tracking options are now available for SMS.
Responsys: Option to use WhatsApp media templates containing quick reply buttons has been added.
ThingsNew alert type added.
Analytics suite upgraded.
KakaoTalkNew message types and message options are available for Alim Talk in the OMNI API.
LINELINE is now available over Moments.
We have also updated our documentation for LINE.
ZaloZalo Notification Service (ZNS) now supports get Zalo logs and validity period for Zalo and SMS messages.
ConversationsEmail improvements.
New Workflows triggers.
Conversation Forms improvements.
Social MediaSocial Media documentation has been revamped.
Twitter Direct Messages added as a new channel.
Shared Features and ComponentsYou can use the drag&drop action to order your Knowledge Base articles based on your preferences.
Catalogs are now available.
MomentsLINE is now available in Moments
PeopleSegmentation and filter enhancements


Import/Export Chatbots

The ability to export and import chatbots has been added. This means you can export your existing chatbots as a file and re-upload it as many times as required, eliminating the need to have to manually re-create multiple similar chatbots.

The following chatbot components are included in export:

  • Intents
  • Attributes
  • Dialogs
  • Keywords

Export/Import has built-in validation to ensure that no one is able to import any corrupt chatbots which will result in an error. Exported chatbot files are also secured by encryption.

All Languages Enabled for NER Attributes

NER is an advanced feature of AI-enabled chatbots that helps to extract specific entities from users’ intent. Up until now only English, Spanish and Portuguese were supported.

This meant that all other languages were only able to identify intents without any additional detail, even when customers were providing them.

Now all languages support number and custom list attributes to help improve the customer journey by making chatbots smarter in any language.


RCS Enabled for ServiceNow

You can now select RCS as your channel when setting up a ServiceNow integration. A new option for RCS messages is now available when sending messages from your ServiceNow dashboard.

URL Shortening and URL Tracking Options Available in Oracle Eloqua

You can now shorten URLs and track URL activity for SMS messages. Use the tracking feature to filter segments based on URL clicks.

Quick Reply Buttons Available for WhatsApp Media Templates in Oracle Responsys

WhatsApp media templates now support quick reply buttons if forwarding of messages to Answers or Conversations is set up.


Offline Device Alerts

Offline device notifications are now available for your IoT devices. This means you can now track which of your devices have gone offline by receiving email notifications.

A new alert type has been added to the SIMs configuration settings. When enabled and required communication criteria set, you will start getting notifications about which IMEI-associated SIMs are not responding.

You can then use this opportunity to send an engineer or staff member to the device to perform a manual reset.

Analytics Upgrades

More analytics and insights have been added for your IoT devices and SIMs.

The Things Dashboard now shows you SIM activity from the last hour, last day, and last month.

A new exportable report is available in the Analyze module which gives you detailed information about SIMs monthly and one-time costs, and shipping cost.


New Message Type

The OMNI API (opens in a new tab) for Kakao Talk now supports images in messages that use Alim Talk templates. The API also supports title and specific web link button parameters.

New Message Options

The following message options are now available in Alim Talk.

  • Text + title
  • Text + image
  • Text + title + linked-type buttons
  • Text + image + linked-type buttons


Available over Moments

LINE is now available over Flow in Moments. Choose from a set of message types, from plain text to rich cards, to send personalized messages to your customers.

Updated Documentation

LINE documentation has been updated to improve user experience and enable you to find information easily.


New Endpoint to Get Zalo Logs

Zalo ZNS service now supports a new endpoint to get Zalo logs (opens in a new tab).

Validity Period Added for Zalo and SMS Messages

Zalo ZNS now supports validity period for both Zalo and SMS messages. Hence, you can setup failover to SMS (opens in a new tab) in case the validity period of a  Zalo message expires.



BCC and Forward Options

When a BCC recipient replies to an email in a conversation, a new conversation will be started. The reason behind this is that, until now, agents could send an email to multiple clients using BCC (clients are not aware of one another), and if they replied, handling all those replies in one conversation could impose security and privacy risk.

Similar is valid for the Forward option. Each time an agent forwards an email, a new conversation will be created to separate the existing communication from the new one.

Read more on how to Send Email in Conversations and which options are offered.

Threading Improvements

We have improved the email threading algorithm with matching based on multiple parameters, such as recipient list, a certain percentage of the subject line matching, and adding the reference ID in the email body, along with the existing matching done by parameters in email headers.

Automatic Email TO Field Search in People

We have added the automatic search for agents when typing the recipient in the email TO field. Based on input data, we search for an email match in People and provide agents the possibility to automatically choose from the list in case that email is already stored in the People module. This way we're increasing agents' efficiency and saving their time from having to type in the whole email address.

UX Improvements

We have improved the user experience for agents handling email conversations in the following areas: full screen email reply, and information shared about received emails in the My Work panel.


Renamed "Conversation in status solved for" to ''Solved conversation unmodified for''

The Conversation in status solved for Workflows trigger has been renamed to Solved conversation unmodified for. The reason behind this is the addition of a new trigger considering the naming Conversation in status solved for better reflects the behavior of the new trigger. This new trigger activates a workflow if the conversation is in the Solvedstatus for a certain period of time, and it will not take any updates into consideration (this being the existing trigger).

The existing workflows that are using the current version of Conversation in status solved for will remain working as intended in the first place, without any impact on the functionality.

Read more on how to set up Workflows in your contact center.

Conversation Forms

Regex and Datetime Input Fields

When creating an input field in Conversation Forms, users are now able to use regex and datetime as input field types.  You can look at the regex field as a regular regex with a validation defined with a regular expression. This allows for additional and more flexible validation of information types agents can enter in a form.

Datetime as input field type enables Supervisors to create forms with the date and time pickers.

All Work

Conversation Status Info as Separate Column

The Conversations status info is no longer just a filtering parameter in All Work but is visible as a separate column so you can sort the view based on the conversation status.

Shared Features and Components

Knowledge Base

In an attempt to better organize the content inside the Knowledge Base, we have introduced the drag and drop option. It allows you to order your categories, folders, and articles in whichever order you need. Simply drag the piece and then drop it at its appropriate destination.


Catalogs are now available to create and store your own sets of data and perform lookups as part of your customer journeys.

A new catalogs editor is now accessible in the Content module. Here you can create your own catalogs and either add records to them manually or import them using the template.

Once added, you'll be able to add catalog lookups as part of your customer flows to search and retrieve data about your customers stored against their People profiles. You can also use this opportunity to catch and store additional data about them to be used in later stages of this customer journey.

This results in much more customizable and tailored communication with your customers, increasing engagement and boosting retainment.

Social Media

Social Media documentation has been revamped! You can now more easily find the information that you need to start using some of the most popular social media channels.

Twitter Direct Messages

We are introducing a new social media channel available in our Conversations solution: **Twitter Direct Messages.**Twitter DM will help you support your customers over one of the most famous social media channels.

Agents can use Twitter DM to directly answer customers' questions, interests, resolve issues and increase customer engagement.

Note that this channel is free of charge as part of the Conversations solution.

To learn more, check out our Twitter Direct Messages documentation.

Live Chat

Rich Text Formatting

You can finally define the text in hyperlinks which is presented to the end user as a received message along with the hyperlink they can click on. Agents can easily edit the hyperlink in the text editor.

We have also improved the agents' UX experience when writing a message to the end user when using rich text formatting. Now they can easily recognize where and which formatting has been used.


LINE now available in Moments

LINE is now available as an engagement channel in Moments.

Use LINE in Flows to reach your audience while leveraging custom events to trigger sending a LINE message in multiple scenarios such as, when a purchase happens, when a scheduled visit is upcoming, or when a web form is submitted.


Segmentation and Filter Enhancements

Additional attribute operators have been added to segmentation and advanced filters to give you more control and accuracy when you segment your audience.

You can now filter for profiles where attributes are empty or not empty, filter for text that starts with, ends with, or contains certain characters, and even segment your audience with dynamic date ranges. Very handy if you want to filter for profiles where the Birth Date attribute will be in the next n days and target them with a bespoke birthday communication.

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