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Last update October 22, 2022

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MomentsSFTP Import in Flow
PeopleEvents Export API
AnswersNER attributes now have the option to store a list of values
EmailNew Hover image widget in the Email Editor
IP Management over API
SMS & MMSIntroducing the US Sender Registration App (Beta)
WhatsAppWhatsApp Cloud Business Solution now supports Product and Multi-product messages.
There are changes to the criteria for increasing the messaging limit.
Mobile App MessagingMore Predefined Templates added for Mobile App Messaging


SFTP Import in Flow

Flow functionality has been extended to enable you to start a Flow using a new external source, SFTP Import.

Use SFTP Import if you would like to import csv or tsv data into Moments from your remote external server using secure file transfer protocol (SFTP). This is a great alternative when it is not possible to use Flow API for connecting to an external source.


Events Export API

The People API has now been further extended to enable you to export events data as compressed files from People to your AWS S3 bucket using a few simple API requests. For full implementation details, see the developers’ guide (opens in a new tab).


List Option for NER Attributes

You can now select whether the NER attribute is for a single value or a list. If you define the attribute as a single value, the attribute stores the first relevant value from the end user's message. If you define the attribute as a list, the attribute stores all relevant values from the end user's message.

For more information, refer to the NER attributes section.


Hover image widget

The Email Editor has several kinetic features that add interactive content to make your emails more exciting, and impactful. Kinetic features aim to give a website experience without the need for the recipient to leave the email.

The Hover image widget is a new kinetic feature in the Email Editor that showcases two images with different visuals to give the appearance of the image moving or to give a subtle change of information.

The Hover image effect is triggered by hovering over the image.

IP Management over API

A new API endpoint allows users to assign, remove, and manage their IP addresses for each domain. Now, users will be able to access their dedicated IPs and manage them independently.

They can manually set up and manage an IP on a domain, and fully control every email and its sending IP. Users are then better able to handle IP reputation by manually setting the IP per traffic sent from the domain.

With this update, clients, especially platforms, can more easily manage the IPs on the domains from which their users are sending emails.



US Sender Registration (Beta)

US Sender Registration (Beta) is a new app in the Infobip web interface for submitting and registering Short Code brands and campaigns with US mobile network operators.

The app automates registration for SMS and MMS using brand submission forms with clear requirements, ensuring a shorter time to register your campaigns and brand.

The Infobip Compliance Team checks submissions and then provides feedback and live campaign status within the app for adjustments.


Message Types Added to WhatsApp Cloud Business Solution

The WhatsApp Cloud Business Solution now supports Product and Multi-product messages.

Changes to Increasing the Messaging Limit

There are changes to the criteria for increasing the messaging limit. The sender must meet each of the following criteria:

  • The sender status is Connected.
  • The sender quality rating is Medium or High.
  • Within a 7-day period, the total number of unique users messaged is half the current messaging limit.

For more information, refer to the Increase the Messaging Limit section.

Mobile App Messaging

More Predefined Templates added for Mobile App Messaging

We have introduced two more predefined templatesto assist you as you build out your mobile communication campaigns in Flow. The new templates available are a favorite items reminderand anabandoned cart reminder for mobile users.

Start building your Flow with the templates and adapt it to your needs to ensure that your users get the full benefit of mobile interaction with your product or service through to the completion of an order.

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