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Last update July 26, 2023

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ConversationsEmail threading visibility improvements
Store People attribute value in Conversation Forms
Introducing the Short ID in Conversations
Live ChatBringing the option to start outbound conversations
CPaaS XSelf-Manage Client Certificates on Subscriptions
Messages APIApple Messages for Business and Google Business Messages Channels Added
MomentsInbound Messaging Processing Improvements in Flow
New Channel in Flow - Apple Messages for Business
PeopleAI Predictions - Mobile Churn Prediction
Mobile Push and In-App MessagesIntroducing New In-App Messaging Formats - Banner, Pop-up, Fullscreen
Apple Messages for BusinessApple Messages for Business API, Messages API
Google Business MessagesGoogle Business Messages API, Messages API
LINELINE Official Notification API
Email EditorRepeat Block for personalized messages
Apps and IntegrationsIntroducing new functions and new webhook flow for BigCommerce and VTEX
US Sender Registration appThe US Sender Registration app now supports 10DLC (Early Access)


Message threading visibility

The content of previous threads is now included in the messages to help users who are receiving emails in the middle of a conversation understand the entire context of the prior communication. Click here to learn more.

Storing People attribute value in Conversation Forms

This feature update transfers attribute values from People to Conversation Forms, making the information visible and usable by agents. This enhances the efficiency and accuracy of customer interactions by providing agents with relevant information at their fingertips.

Short ID


This release is bringing the Short ID - concise and easy-to-use identifiers that streamline the process of referencing and organizing conversations. Short IDs enable easier collaboration and quicker decision-making by allowing users to easily access and reference conversations with a few keywords.

Live Chat

Start outbound conversation


The agents can now start an outbound conversation using Live Chat with an existing customer to provide additional support and immediate assistance, which ultimately results in higher customer satisfaction.


Self-Manage Client Certificates on Subscriptions

We are pleased to announce that you can now upload and manage your certificates using the Infobip Subscriptions API in order to enable extra secure communication from Infobip to your notification webhooks.

This improvement saves you time and administration overhead by empowering you to manage certificates yourself instead of sending them to Infobip to configure.

Messages API

New Channels Supported - Apple Messages for Business and Google Business Messages

This month, we are pleased to announce that we have extended Messages API channel availability to include Apple Messages for Business and Google Business Messages.


New Channel in Flow - Apple Messages for Business

We are pleased to announce that you can now use the Apple Messages for Business channel as part of your communication strategy in Flow.

Inbound Messaging Processing Improvements in Flow

We have improved the set of inbound message processing options to allow for more flexibility when you need to manipulate inbound content in Flow.  There are now five options to choose from when processing inbound message content:

  • Equal to a person profile
  • Matches text
  • Matches Regex
  • Contains text
  • Anything

To learn more about these options head over to Inbound Message entry point


AI Predictions - Mobile Churn Prediction


We are pleased to announce the early access release of AI Predictions. Use AI Predictions for machine learning to estimate the probability of exact events happening in the future.

In this release, the focus is on Mobile Churn Prediction. Mobile Churn Prediction is calculated using an AI powered model that looks at past data of all users who have already churned, and then calculates the likelihood that a particular user will also stop using the mobile app in the future based on their activity such as every app launch, user app login/logout, and uninstalling the app.

The model will output a churn prediction score which is added to a person profile that can then be used to allow you to build efficient engagement strategies for their users and increase retention.

To access AI Predictions features, please contact your Infobip Account Manager.

Mobile Push and In-App Messages

Introducing New In-App Messaging Formats - Banner, Pop-up, Fullscreen

This release we are pleased to bring you 3 new in-app messaging formats.

Use banners, pop-ups, or full-screen in-app messages depending on your communication scenario to build captivating engagement campaigns inside your application without depending on developers and app releases.

The flexible editor enables you to create customized in-app messages that are aligned with the design of your application and company brand.

Apple Message for Business

Now available through Apple Messages for Business API (opens in a new tab) and Messages API (opens in a new tab).

Google Business Messages

Now available through Google Business Messages API (opens in a new tab) and Messages API (opens in a new tab).


LINE Official Notification is now also supported through LINE API (opens in a new tab).

Email Editor

This introduces a new feature to the Email Editor called Repeat Block. This feature lets you display filtered data from List attributes in messages.

With this feature, a marketer can get personalized items from catalogs or list attributes and then dynamically load them in the email message.

For more information about using Repeat Block in the Email Editor, see Repeat Block.

For information about using lists, see Personalize email using lists.

Apps and Integrations

This release includes new functions for the Answers blocks for the BigCommerce and VTEX integrations.

New functions for BigCommerce

  • Get Redirect URLs: Get a cart redirect URL for redirecting a shopper to a already created cart using a specific Cart ID as an input parameter.

For more information, see BigCommerce Answers Block.

New functions for VTEX

  • List Product Categories: Get the information of all product categories listed on your VTEX store.
  • Products In Category: Get the information of all products listed on a specific category in your VTEX store based on the Category ID.
  • Get Product by SKU: Get the information of a specific product on your VTEX store based on the SKU code.
  • Add item to cart: Add a new item to the cart checkout URL where the user can then finish the order.

For more information, see VTEX Answers Block.

New Webhook Flow for Answers Blocks for BigCommerce and VTEX

This release includes new webhook flows for BigCommerce and VTEX Answers blocks.

The flows are the endpoints that are configured on webhooks, and they receive the data about the status of the checkout after the user starts it.

For more information, see BigCommerce get order ID in Answers Webhook get or and VTEX get order status in Answers Webhook.

US Sender Registration app

The US Sender Registration app now supports the ability to register 10DLC numbers for campaigns (Early Access).

To send application-to-person (A2P) messages in the USA over short code or 10 Digit Long Code (10DLC), businesses must complete a one-time mandatory registration process with US Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and underlying registrars.

The documentation now describes the process for registering 10DLC numbers using the US Sender Registration app. For more information, see US Sender Registration app.

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