Release Notes
April 2020

April 2020

Last update April 28, 2020

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New Web and In-App Calls module on AppsInfobip Web and In-App Calls can now be configured over web interface.
New types of calls supportedInfobip Web and In-app Calls now support additional types of call:
App to SIP server
App to Dynamic Destination
App to Conversations
Video option on Web and In-App Calls (Early Access)You can now use Web and In-App Calls for video communication.
New WhatsApp Features over FlowWe've developed a set of new features to help you use WhatsApp over our Flow solution, so you can easily notify your customers and analyze your communication.
Now, you can access:
Media message templates (now supported over Flow, in addition to API)
URL shorteners and trackers
The WhatsApp dashboard
Contact profile names (using the People module)
WhatsApp ImprovementsvariablesVar in locations sent over Flow
Quotes mapping
WhatsApp ChangesNew API request format for sending Media Message Templates
Namespace is no longer a mandatory parameter in API requests
Email Designer 2.1We've introduced video content to Email, as well as a few other improvements.

Web and In-App Calls

Configure Application

Form now on, you can create and configure Web and In App application by yourself over our web interface. This includes application creation, push configuration for mobile applications as well as the way how your application will be used. Check out how to create a new application.

Web and In-App Calls - create application

New Types of Calls

In our previous versions’ calls initiated by your application user could be terminated by the other application user or delivered to the phone number. With this release we offer more options.

You can forward the call from the application to a SIP server. This allows you to incorporate web and in app calls to your current voice or contact center infrastructure.

We offer the option of dynamic call routing. Each time the call reaches our platform we will contact your platform to determine what we should do with it: call the user or call the phone. Learn more about new types of calls.

If you are using Conversations, you can now initiate calls from your application that will be connected to available agents in Contact Center. Read more on application types.

Video (Early Access)

Additionally, in this release we are introducing the Video feature (Early Access) to Web and In-App Calls. Video calls can also be recorded.

WhatsApp New Features over Flow

To help you easily notify your customers and analyze your communication efforts, we’ve developed a set of new features for WhatsApp over our Flow solution.

The new media message templates introduced by WhatsApp, are now also available over Flow, in addition to API. We've also developed a new set of features on Flow, and introduced improvements that will make it easier for you to have meaningful communication with your customers.

Create Rich Notifications Using Media Message Templates

WhatsApp media message templates enable you to enrich your communication by creating notifications with images, documents, videos, or location. Previously, this was only available over API, but now you can create rich media notifications using Flow as well.

Learn how to send media message templates over Flow.

Check out our latest WhatsApp use case - Send Return Shipping Labels - and find out how to send media message templates over Flow.

URL Shortener and Tracker

Convert long URLs into shorter ones that take up less space and making your messages easier to read by using URL shortening. You can also track the performance of your campaigns and get insights on customers who engaged with your messages by using the Track URL clicksoption. All tracked data can be found within Reports in the Analyze module.

Flow - URL shortening

Learn more about URL shortening and tracking.

WhatsApp Dashboard

To give you an overview of the current state of your communication efforts, we've designed WhatsApp dashboard to present key data that matters:

  • Sent and Received Performance – Inbound volume and delivery rates
  • ˝Seen“ percentage
  • Billed outbound messages – Number of message templates sent outside the Customer Care window.
  • **Monthly Active Users –**Please note that the number of monthly active users always displays the number for the current month, regardless of the time period defined in the filter.

Where can you find this? Go to the Analyze module > Dashboard (opens in a new tab) > select Chat Apps and then WhatsApp.

WhatsApp dashboard in Analyze

Contact's Profile Name Shown in the Target Module

When you receive an incoming message from an end user, knowing only their number which already exists in the People module, a custom attribute, labeled *whatsAppDisplayName,*will be created.

This custom attribute will automatically be filled out with end user's WhatsApp display name, which will help your customer care agents personalize their response.

This parameter is dynamic, and is updated with each new incoming message.

WhatsApp Improvements

Variables in Locations Sent over Flow

Location messages sent over Flow can now contain variables, which enables the location to dynamically change per each recipient.

WhatsApp location messages

Quotes Mapping

If the end user replies to your messages using quotes, Quote Mapping will be provided within context parameter, giving the information on which exact message end-user is referring to with his reply.

Find out more about quotes mapping.

Important Changes

New API Request Format for Sending Media Message Templates

The new API request format has been released for sending media message templates.

Check out how to send media message templates over API.


Please note that the previous format will be deprecated by the end of May 2020.

Namespace Is No Longer A Mandatory Parameter in API Requests

The namespace parameter, which was previously mandatory for sending message templates over API, is now deprecated. The Infobip platform now automatically resolves the information based on the sender number.

Email Design Editor 2.1

Video as Content Type

Video is very powerful media content, and from now on, you can add it to your emails to further increase engagement and click rate. To add video content, drag and drop it from the Content Types menu in the Email Design Editor.

Email Design Editor release note

Button Borders

Buttons are key elements of any email that has a goal of driving engagement. Now you can customize them even further to make them more noticeable. You can choose between several different borders and customize their color and size to further accentuate your brand.

Copy & Paste Options

Building your email is now even simpler and faster. You can copy and paste sections of your email with keyboard shortcuts.

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