Release Notes
September 2020

September 2020

Last update September 10, 2020

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WhatsAppTo make it easier and faster for you to create and send useful information using our web interface and API, we have released a new set of features and improvements. Please note that we made changes in data formats that needs your attention and appropriate actions on your side by September 30th, 2020.


Here's what we have new feature-wise with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Channel Added to Broadcast Module

We've added WhatsApp as a channel in Broadcast. Now you can send WhatsApp message temples over Broadcast to multiple end users within the Infobip web interface (opens in a new tab).

Interactive Message Templates Available Over Flow

Interactive Message Templates, which enable you to create and send notification with interactive buttons, are now supported over Flow. They are still available over API as well.

Detailed instructions on how to send WhatsApp interactive message templates over Flow.

Now, let's head over to WhatsApp improvements!

Incoming Button Message Evaluation on Answers

If you are using our chatbot building platform, Answers, you can now connect interactive buttons to chatbots. For example, if the end user clicks the interactive button, it triggers the conversations with the chatbot based on the payload you defined. This is how you can add additional information to your end user based on their response.

Incoming Location Messages Improved With Additional Information

Other than the latitude and longitude, incoming location messages can now contain the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • URL

This provides providing more context about the location. Note that the overall sent location information varies based on how the end user selected the location and on information available online.

Check out the instructions on how to send WhatsApp location incoming messages over API.

Increased Max Length of Free-Form Text Messages

Free-form text messages can now contain up to 4096 characters. Now you business can offer additional and detailed information to your end users during your interaction.

Refer to Types of Messages for more about free-form messages.

WhatsApp Business Profile Improved With Additional Website

WhatsApp Business Profile can now contain two URLs to websites associated with your business. Use the second URL to link to an ongoing campaign, for example. The URL can contain up to 256 characters.

Requested Changes for WhatsApp Data Formats

Changes in the data formats need your attention and appropriate actions on your side.

Incoming Contact Message Format Change

Name information, provided within the incoming contact message, has changed the format to camel case.

Check out the improved format here in the Contact Incoming Message article on our Documentation Hub.

At this moment, name information is provided in both formats. The original format will be deprecated by September 30th 2020.

WhatsApp Display Name Change of Attribute (API only)

For business messaging end users over web interface, display name is now stored on the contact level information. This way, you can store different display names in case the end user has two or more MSISDNs.

Attribute where the display name is stored, which is provided within the incoming WhatsApp message, has changed. The new attribute is content information whatsAppDisplayName, as opposed to the original custom attribute whatsAppDisplayName.

At the moment, name information is provided within both attributes. We would like to remind you that the original attribute will be deprecated by the September 30th 2020. Please modify all campaigns using the original custom type attribute whatsAppDisplayName accordingly.

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