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Last update July 26, 2022

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ConversationsOption to share Live Chat events to Google Analytics. New stuff in Knowledge Base!
AnswersLive Chat now supports carousels
Call action is now available for buttons in Facebook Messenger
Unique session IDs are now available in Analytics
Mobile App MessagingInbox for Mobile App Messaging.
EmailThe Email Editor now includes widgets for kinetic email features.
Apps & IntegrationsEnhancements to five apps.
Viber Business MessagesNew message combination is now available - text+image


Conversations API

Adding the Call button in Messenger by Facebook

With the KOBE release, we're introducing a new button type supported over Conversations API. The Call button gives you the possibility to share your business phone number directly and simplifies the customer experience and allows customers to call you via Messenger by Facebook.

Live Chat

Adding the possibility to share events to Google Analytics

For all data enthusiasts and managers - more analytics! We are opening the possibility to share basic events from Live Chat to your Google Analytics account so you can better trace the whole customer journey.

You can share the following events from Live Chat:

  • Widget opened/widget closed
  • Eye catcher engaged/dismissed
  • Conversation open/conversation closed/conversation solved

Knowledge Base

More improvements in the Knowledge Base! See below for more details.

Suggested content improvements

While in a conversation with a customer, agents will get a hint about the number of suggested articles within the agent panel. This way, we're aiming to show more suggested content and help out agents resolve issues faster and more easily.

This option will be visible to the agents when they send replies but will disappear until the customer replies back.

Additionally, Knowledge Base Managers are able to turn this feature on or off.

Article version history

The article version history feature offers the Knowledge Base Managers an overview of significant changes done for every article, as well as restoring the article(s).

They can see the date and time when the change(s) happened, who changed what, and more:

  • Status change (draft/published, public/internal)
  • Content change including attachment changes
  • Tags, category, or folder changes


Live Chat now Supports Carousels

In Live Chat, you can now send multiple rich cards in a single message by using carousels. Customers can use horizontal scroll to view the rich cards, compare the items, and take action for individual rich cards.

Call Action is Available for Buttons in Facebook Messenger

When you create a chatbot for Facebook Messenger, you can share your business phone number with end users by using the call action in buttons. Example: button element, buttons in rich cards and carousels. When end users click the button, the phone number is dialed.

Unique session ID is Available in Analytics

In the analytics, you can now obtain the unique ID for a session. This ID is independent of the end user. Example: if an end user initiates two chat sessions with a bot, two unique IDs are generated, one for each session.

Mobile App Messaging

Inbox for Mobile App Messaging

Inbox for Mobile App Messaging is a pre-built inboxsolution that allows you to communicate with all active mobile users without fear of poor push performance or users not paying attention to their push notifications. Inbox enables users to navigate back to push message content that they receive and interact with it at a time that suits them.

To ensure that the user experience is always seamless, you can also organize messages into topicsso your users can easily keep track of the messages that matter most to them.


The Email Editor now has several new widgets that support the kinetic features to enhance your emails for sales and promotional offers. This lets you create an interactive experience from within the email inbox. Kinetic email content increases engagement and conversion rates.

The new kinetic widgets available are:

  • Rain animation: text or images to animate the screen
  • Interactive Coupon: showcase your promotions and coupons using two-sided images with different information
  • Carousel: showcase multiple images efficiently to drive customer interactions

Apps & Integrations

  • Creatio messaging - Send SMS and Viber messages in the Creatio marketing, sales, and service automation platform.
  • Hubspot messaging - Send SMS and WhatsApp messages to interact with customers on your preferred channel.
  • Magento messaging - New Price Drop alert ensures that customers are notified once the price has dropped.
  • Optimove messaging- New features include support for triggered campaigns, unique URL clicks being tracked in channel metrics, and a custom delivery report endpoint.
  • Zapier messaging - Send WhatsApp messages to your customers, in addition to the existing SMS, Voice, and Viber channels.

Viber Business Messages

New Message Combination

You can now send text+image messages in the web interface and API (opens in a new tab).

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