Release Notes
January 2021

January 2021

Last update January 13, 2021

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TelegramIntroducing Telegram, a new communication channel now available to use in the web interface.
Google Business MessagesIntroducing Business Messages by Google, a new communication channel now available to use in the web interface.
RCSRCS communications can now be sent over Broadcast.
Resource UpdatesNew and existing documentation is now available.
MomentsThe latest features are visible in Call API and Push Event tracking, plus we worked on some smaller functionalities and stability improvements.

Introducing Telegram

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging application which can be used over all mobile devices and desktops. It is well known for its strong data security features through message encryption, speed, simplicity, and open APIs.  With over 400 million users globally, Telegram is considered to be one of the most popular and powerful messaging applications.

Telegram can be set up to use automated chatbots using Infobip Answersand the Telegram Bots API, and can be used as a direct chat platform using Conversationsif customers need to talk to a human.

Here are some of the main features when using Telegram as a communication channel:

  • Devices- Available to download and use on any device, which supports full synchronization to keep an eye on your account on whichever your desired device, including desktop.
  • Messages- Use the vast array of messages and content options to exchange with your customers and vice-versa. Including text messages, photos, files, audios, and videos.
  • Bot Integration - Easily integrate Telegram bots with Infobip Answers to create a seamless flow of automated communication all in one platform.
  • Security - More secure that some other chat apps using encryption, secret chats, self-destruct messages, and forwarding prevention.

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Introducing Google Business Messages

Business Messages by Google are an easy-to-use two-way conversational channel which supports rich asynchronous messaging and connects customers to businesses. The benefit of using Business Messages is the numerous entry points available using Google products.

Business Messages allow you to display an option to end users to ask questions through the means of chat all within the one place they are familiar with using Google products. If they are not able to find solutions using automated chats, they can switch over to an agent, with visible anticipated response times.

Use Business Messages to quickly resolve customer inquiries, resolve scheduling, and ultimately drive loyalty through a rich messaging experience with quick replies and various messaging options, all within the Infobip platform.

Here are some of the main features when using Business Messages as a communication channel:

  • Available 24/7 - Set up chatbots to make sure your chat option is always available to answer a set of generic queries, no matter the day or time.
  • Entry Points - Choose from a number of entry points end-users can initiate conversations with your business.
  • Conversation Starters - Set the tone with welcome messages and conversation starters to get the ball rolling with end-user chats.
  • Offline Messaging - Set up automated out-of-hours chats when agents are not online, to continue taking chats.

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RCS Improvements

RCS is now available as a communication channel in the Broadcastmodule. Choose from a set of message types, from plain text to interactive messages, which can reach your end-users for one-time events, all within the web interface.

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Resource Updates

Several resources have been updated and introduced to offer an ever enriching knowledge base for Infobip products and features.


An entirely new suite of IoT documentation is now available here.


Email error codes have been updated.


IP safelists have been added for WhatsApp for sending media files.

Moments Features and Improvements

Browse through the new features and improvements in Call API and Push Events.

Call API Response and Scheduling

We have enriched the Call API response for better routing of customers to the next steps in the communication, and we added error codes that will help branch that communication in the right direction. Plus, now you can use scheduling to set delivery time and sending speed for a successful data exchange.

Push Events

Use Push Destination to track user statuses related to your mobile app - whether they added information, changed something, or deleted it.

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