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Last update January 25, 2023

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MomentsIntroducing the MEP Consumption Dashboard
ConversationsInternal conversations are now available in the mobile app.
Preview message feature under My work.
Updates on message delivery status.
New features and improvements in call controls and the incoming call modal.
Apps & IntegrationsVTEX Conversations Context Cards
Shopify Conversations Context Cards
Improvements to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector and ServiceNow Infobip SPOKE


Introducing the MEP Consumption Dashboard

We are pleased to announce the release of our new subscription usage dashboard as an extension of the MEP Consumption report release from last month. With the MEP Consumption Dashboard, you can track subscription consumption per each sub-account, and see which campaigns consumed the most engaged profiles. No need to download raw data or build charts in Excel, this dashboard makes it easy to get insights fast.


Internal conversations

The Internal conversation feature is now available for the mobile app as well. You can use this feature to communicate with other agents internally and leave any important notes to help them resolve customer inquiries. Every agent can create a new conversation and assign it to a specific queue, and agents who are part of that queue can be assigned to the conversation.

Agent experience

Message preview

The Message preview feature enables agents to preview the message without opening the conversation in My work. This enables them to understand the context and urgency of the matter and prioritize the conversation among all the others which results in faster resolutions for customer issues.

Message status

The agents can now check the message status and have a better insight into its delivery.


Call controls - Hold option

This feature is released as Early Access, as it does not have related metrics. We plan to bring these in the near future.

The new Hold option brings improvements for call controls in the Calls channel. Now, the agents can put the caller on hold where they are greeted with an audio signal such as music or a pre-recorded announcement until the agent returns to the call. Hold music and announcement are configurable per queue which enables custom music and announcement message for every queue.

Learn more on how to configure on hold from the Supervisor's perspective.

Call controls - Transfer to queue

This feature is released as Early Access, as it does not have related metrics. We plan to bring these in the near future.

This release brings new and improved call transfer types:

The agents now see a new behavior when transferring a call, while the supervisors have additional configuration options for the transfer.

Incoming call - additional info

We have improved the Incoming call modal by adding extra information to it to provide additional insight to the agent receiving a call:

  • Queue indication where the call is arriving to
  • A specific call type: transferred call and callback call
  • Customer details: name, surname, phone number, etc.

Additionally, we have added the capability for agents to copy the incoming phone number directly from the call modal.

Apps & Integrations

Context Cards

This release introduces eCommerce platform integrations that include the Context Card feature. Context Cards enable our client's agents to access relevant information about orders and customers from the eCommerce platform within Infobip Conversations, supporting customer engagement and personalized communication.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Messaging

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Messaging app has been improved with the following changes:

  • When configuring message activity, Test Send is now an optional action
  • Infobip Reports now include new parameters in Journey Data, enabling the ability to check whether a customer has seen a message (WhatsApp, Viber)
  • Supports full Viber functionalities, including Text, Image, Text and Image, Text and Button, and Text and Image and Button

ServiceNow Infobip SPOKE

The ServiceNow app has improvements and fixes for Infobip SPOKE to include support for the WhatsApp channel.

Customers can easily notify their stakeholders of any important and time-sensitive information with single and bulk WhatsApp (or SMS) actions by sending automated messages directly from the Integration Hub in ServiceNow with Infobip SPOKE.

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