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Last update September 27, 2023

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AnswersUse the People tags element in Answers to update the tags for a person profile in People
Send a thank you message to end users who complete CSAT surveys
Obtain unique click IDs for Facebook ads and posts
Updated Orangepill Answers Block integration is available
MomentsNew API method to add multiple participants to a flow
Include custom domain in a shortened URL
PeopleAutomatically update segments based on profile changes
ExperiencesIntroducing Experiences, a self-serve solution that uses AI to perform tasks
ConversationsNew Evolutio Translator for Conversations integration is available
Introducing WhatsApp referral information
Mobile Push and In-App MessagesInclude custom payload in your application logic
EmailNew automated warmup logic for domains
URL ShorteningShortened URLs for custom domains in Flow
Apps and IntegrationsNew SMS integrations for ActiveCampaign messaging
Update to Orangepill Answers Block
New Conversations integration for Evolutio Translator
US ComplianceNew webhook events for Number Registration API
Support for enhanced brand vetting reports
Support for brand and campaign deletion over API
Messages APIMessenger
WhatsAppWhatsApp Payments
WhatsApp Flows
Technical Provider Program
SMSNew ActiveCampaign messaging integration available
Voice and VideoText to Speech enhancements - SSML support
SIP Trunking: advanced features for fixed IP trunk
Introducing Call Routing for SIP Trunks and PSTN calls


Update tags for a person profile

Use the People tags element in Answers to update the tags for a person profile in People.

You can do the following:

  • Add one or more tags to a profile.
  • Verify whether the specified tags are present in a profile.
  • Remove one or more tags from a profile.

Send a thank you message to end users

You can now send a message to the end user thanking them for providing feedback. This message is also an acknowledgement that the chatbot has received the survey response.

The chatbot sends this message when end users complete the CSAT survey.

For more information, refer to the CSAT survey element documentation.

Obtain unique click IDs for Facebook ads and posts

Use the whatsAppMoReferralCtwaClickId fixed attribute to obtain the unique click identifier for Facebook ads and posts. When an end user clicks a Facebook ad or post that contains WhatsApp call-to-action, and starts a conversation with the chatbot, a unique identifier is generated.

This ID is unique for each click. Example: If an end user clicks an ad 2 times, 2 IDs are generated.

Use this information to identify the number of unique clicks for the ad or post.


New API method to add multiple participants to a flow

Use the new **Add participants to flow (opens in a new tab)**method to add multiple participants to a flow in a single request. You can add a maximum of 1,000 participants to a flow asynchronously at the rate of 10 requests per second.

The Add person to flowendpoint has been deprecated. When you create a new flow, use the Add participants to flow endpoint instead.

To get a status report, use the new Get a report on participants added to flow (opens in a new tab) endpoint.

For more information, refer to the Flow API entry point documentation.

Include custom domain in a shortened URL

When you shorten a link that contains a custom domain or subdomain, the link retains the custom domain. Use this option to send shortened, yet personalized and branded links, to end users.

You can also remove the 'http' or 'https' prefix from URLs regardless of whether they contain a primary domain or a custom domain.

For more information, refer to URL shortening and tracking.


Automatically update segments based on profile changes

Create real-time segments in People to use in dynamic flows in Moments. When profiles in People meet the specified conditions, these profiles are automatically added to the flow without the need to modify or relaunch the campaign.

For more information, refer to the real-time segments documentation.


Introducing Experiences, a self-serve solution that uses AI to perform tasks.

Infobip Experiences is a self-serve, conversational cloud solution that enables you to use artificial intelligence (AI) assistants to perform tasks such as answering FAQ and organizing meetings.

For more information, refer to the Experiences documentation.


WhatsApp referral information

This release brings the WhatsApp referral information, which includes all the essential properties needed to identify the ads from which your customers originate.

Mobile Push and In-App Messages

Include custom payload in your application logic

You can include custom payload to your application logic so that the app can process it according to the required end user experience.

Example: You can include additional web content that is shown to the end user when they open the notification in the mobile app.

For more information, refer to the custom payload documentation.


This release includes new logic for the process of automated warmup for new domains/IP addresses.

For more information, see IP Domain Warmup.

URL Shortening

Custom domains for shortened URLs are now available for Flow in Moments. If you have registered a custom domain, you can select to use either a default domain or your own custom domain.

For more information, see Enable Shortening in Moments.

Apps and Integrations

This release includes the following integrations:

  • ActiveCampaign messaging for SMS
  • Orangepill updates for Answers
  • Evolutio Translator for Conversations


ActiveCampaign is a CRM automation tool used for inbound marketing and marketing automation.

This release includes a new integration for ActiveCampaign that enables you to use ActiveCampaign Automations to send Infobip SMS messages to your contact and leads.

For more information, go to the ActiveCampaign (opens in a new tab) listing.

To view documentation, see ActiveCampaign messaging.


The Orangepill integration has been updated to include integration with Infobip People. The integration uses the People API to integrate with the Answers Block.

For more information, go to the Orangepill (opens in a new tab) listing.

To view the documentation, see Orangepill documentation (opens in a new tab).


This release includes the Evolutio integration Translator for Conversations. The Translator is a context card in Conversations, providing real-time and automatically detected translation of communications without leaving the Conversations tab.

For more information, go to the Translator for Conversations (opens in a new tab) listing.

US Compliance

New webhook events for Number Registration API

This feature includes the following new webhooks that work with both 10DLC and US short codes:

Clients can get notifcations on these webhooks about changes to their brand status, brand vet status, campaign status, campaign network status. This means that they do not need periodic fetches for this data.

Support for enhanced brand vetting reports

Previously, when a client triggered enhanced vetting, they would not receive a report by default. To receive a report, they would have to request is from their Account Executive or Infobip Support.

In this release, the client now has the ability to request the report from the US Sender Registration App or over API using Get brand enhanced vet report (opens in a new tab).

Support for brand and campaign deletion over API

Brands and campaigns can be deleted over API if they have not already been submitted for registration to carriers.

For more information, see Delete brand (opens in a new tab) and Delete campaign (opens in a new tab).

Messages API

Messenger and LINE (LON) are the new supported channels.


Now available through Messages API.


Now available through Messages API.


WhatsApp Payments

Enable customers to pay directly for products or services inside WhatsApp. Learn more here.

WhatsApp Flows

Use Flows to enrich customer experience and to more easily complete tasks, all without leaving WhatsApp.

Technical Provider Program

Enables the platforms to present them as a WhatsApp Solution Provider, while Infobip takes care of all the background work. Learn how to enable this program for you here.

Voice and Video

Text to Speech enhancements - SSML support

This release introduces a significant enhancement to our Text-to-Speech services by introducing full support for the Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML). This addition empowers our customers to have even greater control over the synthesis of text into natural-sounding speech.

SIP Trunking: advanced features for fixed IP trunk

This release unveils our ambitious plans to elevate and expand our SIP trunking solution. Our primary focus will be on enhancing the capabilities of fixed IP trunks, introducing a host of exciting new features that will empower you to optimize and customize your SIP trunking experience.

The enhancements include:

  • Multiple Destination IPs/FQDNs: Enjoy the flexibility of defining multiple destination IPs or Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs) on a single trunk. With this capability, you can set policies such as failover or round-robin when multiple destination IPs are defined.
  • Distinct Source IPs: Defining one or several distinct source IPs. This feature allows you to conveniently send traffic from different IPs than the ones used for receiving traffic.
  • Transport and Security Options: Choose between User Datagram Protocol (UDP) or the secure Transport Layer Security (TLS) with Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP). Seamlessly switch between protocols to suit your specific requirements.
  • Codec Selection: Expanded codec support and choose between PCMU, PCMA, or G729. Tailor your voice transmissions to deliver exceptional audio quality and optimize bandwidth usage.
  • DTMF Transcoding: Experience enhanced compatibility and seamless communication with inband and RFC 2833 DTMF transcoding. Empower your users to use various methods for transmitting dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) signals.
  • Fax Support: Seamlessly integrate fax capabilities into your SIP trunking solution with support for both inband and T.38 protocols. Send and receive faxes, unlocking new possibilities for your communication workflows.
  • International Restriction: Exercise control over your call routing by blocking international calls when the originating and destination numbers are in different countries. Safeguard your resources and streamline communication within desired geographical boundaries.
  • Number Format Customization: Tailor the format of inbound and outbound numbers according to your preferences. Choose between international (10 digits), E164, or US Domestic formats, ensuring seamless compatibility with your existing dialing conventions.

Introducing Call Routing for SIP Trunks and PSTN calls

This release announces Call Routing, our powerful new routing application. This is a significant milestone in providing a resilient and versatile solution for communication.

The key features include:

  • Route Creation: With Call Routing, users can effortlessly create routes consisting of up to 10 destinations. These destinations can be either SIP trunks or PHONE numbers, offering flexibility in defining call paths.
  • Infobip DID Number Assignment: Assign an Infobip DID number to a route to enable seamless execution when an incoming call is received. The assigned number acts as a trigger, initiating the route and directing the call accordingly.
  • Sequential Call Bridging: Call Routing executes the defined route by sequentially attempting to bridge the call to each destination. This process continues until a successful connection is established. Once connected, the route processing is completed.
  • Call Session Recording: Capture the call sessions resulting from each destination in the route. Users have the option to record audio files separately or combine them, providing a comprehensive record of the communication.
  • Portal and API configurations: enjoy the convenience of creating and overseeing your routes through both the intuitive Infobip Portal and API methods.

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