Release Notes February 2021

Last update February 22, 2021

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Introducing Social Media to Conversations, namely Facebook Posts - available via Infobip web interface. 
Note that Social Media is in an Early Access phase until end of March 2021.


You can now save reports in Moments Analytics and use new operators with the Last Contacted attributes!

Communication Channels

Viber - Broadcasts now available

WhatsApp - New Manage Connection section

RCS - New preview mode in Flow

IoT - Communications renamed to Things

Email - New body alignment options


URL Shortening resources are now available

Send RCS over Broadcast resources have been updated


Introducing Speech Recognition (Early Access) to our IVR solution.


Social Media - Facebook Posts

Social Media is now part of the Conversations product! We have integrated Facebook Posts which allows you to handle customer inquiries over Facebook wall posts and comments, thus making the entire process familiar to your customers.

Some of the features include:

  • Fetching posts

  • Fetching comments on posts

  • Commenting on posts

  • Replying (in the name of a Facebook page/brand) to comments on posts

Check how to configure and start using Facebook Posts within Conversations via Infobip web interface.


The latest additions are meant to keep your analytics better organized and easy to access for any future communication, as well as to achieve an even more targeted audience segmentation. 

More in Analytics

Save the Event Segmentation Analytics and Funnel Analytics reports to view them later and reuse them in the future. They are visible on the Moments Analytics page on the Infobip web interface, where you can also go ahead and duplicate or delete them. 

New Operators in Channel Attributes

New time-related operators are now available when you are triggering communication or a part of communication based on the information about when the user was last contacted



You can now create broadcasts over Viber.


A new section in the web interface in Apps has been added to manage your WhatsApp connection. Now you can manage and configure your WhatsApp senders, with more features coming soon.


A new preview view has been added to Flow when creating and editing RCS messages. Now when you build your RCS messages in Flow, you will see exactly what your messages will look like on portable devices, updating in real-time.


The Communications module has now been renamed to Things.


Email body alignment is now available. As well as aligning content in your email, you can now control the alignment of the entire email as required. The content inside email bodies will be aligned based on its own alignment setting.

New Resources

URL Shortening resources are now available

Send RCS over Broadcast resources have been updated


Speech Recognition

Enriching our IVR solution, we're introducing the Speech Recognition functionality which captures end-user's speech based on your preconfigured scenario. This feature gives you more flexibility when communicating with your customers as it helps them communicate more freely and efficiently - not just via digits as is the usual case with IVR but through speech as well.

Visit our Documentation Hub and read more about Speech Recognition and how you can use it.