Release Notes
March 2021

March 2021

Last update March 31, 2021

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BroadcastFailover to SMS enabled for Broadcast
Voice and VideoIntroducing new Web and In-App Calls features (both in Early Access)
ChannelsFailover to SMS enabled for RCS and Viber
ConversationsNew channels.
New features.
Lots of improvements.
MomentsIntroducing Web Push Notifications!
Plus, customer profiles just got a new look, and we added a send-time optimization option for your messages, among other things.
AnswersIntroducing early access to Facebook posts.
Simulator 2.0 is here.
Authenticated sessions now available.
New re-engagement feature added.
Introducing Answers user roles.
Custom NER lists now available.
Validation, UI and UX all improved.


Failover to SMS is now available when creating new broadcasts. A new section has been added to the creation process, and reportsnow reflect separate channels when failover is enabled.

You can set up failover to SMS for RCS and Viber communications. More channels will be coming soon.


Enriching our Voice and Video solution with two exciting Web and In-App Calls features! These are in an Early Access phase so if you encounter any issues whatsoever, make sure to report them to us.

Network Events

Use the network quality events feature to detect and point out any network issues. Inform the end user their network is too slow for high-quality calls.

This feature is available via SDKs. Read our documentation to learn more.


A quite popular feature in the industry - conference calls. Use the Infobip Conferencing feature to create conference calls with your teams.

It is available via SDKs, depending on the platform you want to use. 

Read our documentation to learn more.


Viber is now enabled to use the new Failover to SMS option in Broadcast. This means should your Viber broadcasts fail to deliver, a replacement SMS message will be sent instead, maximizing deliverability.


RCS is now enabled to use the new Failover to SMS option in Broadcast. This means should your RCS broadcasts fail to deliver, a replacement SMS message will be sent instead, maximizing deliverability.


We are continuously adding new features to our contact center solution. Improvements are there for you to offer a stellar customer experience to your end users. 
With new channels, you can interact with your end users via some of the channels that they are most familiar with.

Social Media

We added Instagram Posts and Twitter Posts to our Social Media channels. Agents can now manage posts on Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as Instagram accounts.

Learn more about Social Media channels on our Documentation Hub.

Analytics & Reporting

Changed wording from Handling Time to **Resolution Time**which is now visible in the Analytics section.

Conversations reports now include new fields and metrics:

  • More details on when the conversation was created/updated (year, month, day, hour)
  • External Person ID added
  • 1st agent assigned at
  • Survey info (Score & Comment)
  • Number of messages sent (internal - notes; external - inbound, outbound)

Changes to Queues reporting include:

  • Number of messages sent (internal - notes; external - inbound, outbound)

Note that the number of conversation updates made by agents for Conversations reports as well as Queue reports is not included but will be added soon.


Conversations Logs gives supervisors the ability to track and troubleshoot all major events for every conversation.


You can track all changes you have made to your conversations. These are displayed within the conversation body (as well as the Events tab).

Read more about Conversations Events.


Conversations Forms are fully customizable forms assigned to conversations based on each conversation's parameters, filled by agents in order to collect information which can be later used for analysis and re-engagement.

Internal Conversations

Agents can create internal conversations where they can collaborate together and provide assistance to each other to resolve an existing conversation with a customer or any other tasks they might have.

Also, they can link these conversations whenever several conversations cover the same topic.


Four new Conversations roles added: Conversations Agent, Conversations Manager, Conversations Analytics Manager (able to see all conversations + analytics), and Conversations Account Manager.

Routing Capability Improvements

The routing list has been improved with easier search and ordering options. Routing conditions are also grouped for easier access.

JIRA Integration Improvements

All conversations linked to a Jira ticket will now automatically be tagged with the jira_escalated tag.

Now whenever somebody leaves a comment in Jira, it will be synced and visible inside Conversations in the Note section.

Live Chat Improvements

Added new agent and avatar options. If there any security policies where agents are not allowed to expose their real names, they can use the Hide agent identity option.

New message types, such as carousel messages, are here to enrich the customer experience.

Conversations Mobile App

Entering the General Availability stage, the Conversations mobile app is available on both Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Read our DOCS and check out all the benefits of resolving customer issues on the go!


Always on the lookout for the latest trends for our call center solution - so we have added some interesting features:

  • Screen Sharing - both agents and end users are able to share their screen while on an audio or video call
  • Bring Your Own Carrier - allows you to keep your existing PSTN voice provider and your phone numbers, and use them with our Conversations solution

We have enriched agent experience as well - added Dial Pad and Early Media.

Agents can use the dial pad to interact with internal or external IVRs by sending DTMF codes.

When making an outbound call, agents are able to hear any early media audio including busy signal, connection error messages, or other informational messages.


You can use Email as a Conversations channel for two-way communication. Both agents and end users can initiate a conversation. Email comes supported with regular options such as: adding attachments, drafts, forwarding, CC, and BCC.

Knowledge Base

Sharing knowledge has never been easier!

Our Knowledge Base is a new application in the Agent panel where you can create, manage, and search any content that you would like to share across your organization or even externally.

Through the Knowledge base, you ensure knowledge is being documented and used by both your agents and online customers.


We added several features and one new channel with an aim to contribute to your timely, informed communication with customers.

Web Push Notifications

Check out how to quickly set up a web push notification, customize its content, and preview the notification before you send it.

Person Profile

New and improved! The new layout features an activity feed where you can see changes to all tags, attributes, segments, and events related to the customer. It also includes all standard contact information and more.

View Page event

Set up this event to record the activity of your webpage visitors, and send a relevant communication based on it.

Send-Time Optimization

This beta feature tracks the history of opens and clicks for the sent messages and optimizes the sending time based on these metrics

Analytics in People

We have moved Moments Analytics to its rightful place - People platform. Events Segmentation and Funnel Analytics will help you analyze the behavior of your audience segments.


Facebook Posts

Early Access

Chatbots are now available to be used for Facebook posts. Chatbots can now answer questions asked in the form of comments on Facebook posts. This allows you to provide instant responses to customers, automating a lot of your work.

This channel is in early access and if you would like to access it please contact your CSM or our support.

Simulator 2.0

Chatbot simulation has undergone several improvements to give you much deeper insights into what's going on not only in the foreground but also in the background.

There are now more error log details available directly in the simulator. You can now also simulate user numbers and locations to get a preview of what they are seeing when the chatbot goes lives.

We've also added in additional behind-the-scenes options to the simulation so you can get a look at session details as they happen (API calls, conditions, webhooks etc.)

Authenticated Sessions

Introducing new authenticated dialogs. You can now set up a new dialog type solely dedicated to your own custom authentication process.

This means you can now protect any parts of your customer journey by locking dialogs for user authentication. When a user enters a protected dialog, they will routed to your authenticated dialog where they will have to authenticate themselves.

Upon successful authentication, they will be sent right back to where they were in the chat. You can use this option as many times as required throughout your customer journey.

Time-Triggered MT

Now you have the option to re-engage with users in a chat before sessions expire, avoiding the need for them to have to start a new session and go through the process again.

Set up session re-engagement to nudge a user with a message to check if they wish to continue the chat, or to warn them that the session will expire soon without a response.

User Roles

Answers user roles are now available! Assign the relevant user roles to your Answers users to allow and restrict access to Answers functionality according to their roles.

You can now set users up with various levels of read-and-write permissions for Answers analytics and chatbots.

Custom Lists for NER Enabled Attributes

You can now create custom listsfor your Named Entity Recognition enabled chatbots using NER attributes. This enables the ability for chatbots to recognize and process multiple entities in a sentence from end users based on items in your lists.

Guided Validation

Validation has been vastly improved with better insights and details about what is causing your chatbot to fail when attempting to activate.

Validation now tells you which dialogs are causing the chatbot to fail when trying to activate. There are also now direct links to intent elements which are being picked up as errors in validation.

UX and UI Improvements

User interfaces and user experience has been rework to offer a much user-friendly journey, here are the main highlights:

  • Chatbot creation process simplified
  • Search function now available for all screens with lists
  • Chatbot editor panel now collapsible to give you more room on the screen
  • Counter now visible on screen for training phrases

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