Release Notes
August 2021

August 2021

Last update August 31, 2021

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IoTIoT self-service is now available.
Free trial is now available.
Landing PagesIntroducing Landing Pages!
Use the Landing Pages editor to create custom landing pages ties to your comms.
ConversationsAnalytics - Right Now dashboard displays the most important data about your contact center.
KakaoTalk as a new channel available in Conversations.
Calls recording improvements.
Added automatic login in Mobile app.
WhatsApp templates are supported in Conversations API.
MomentsIntroducing more metrics for messages sent over Flow!
IntegrationsGeneral availability for integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud.
AnswersViber bots messaging is now supported in Answers.
Instagram Messaging is now supported in chatbots.
New WhatsApp message types available.


Sign Up

IoT self-service is now available to onboard yourself and get set up with the Infobip IoT solution. Simply follow the easy-to-use signup steps to order your first batch of SIMs.

Free Trial

You can now try the IoT solution for free with two free SIMs before upgrading to the full solution.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are now live. Build and deploy your own custom landing pages to direct users to when they click on things like opt-out links in your communications.


Live Dashboard

Right Now dashboard consolidates all widgets and displays data about the current state of your contact center.

  • Performance of all conversations currently being handled by the agents
  • Distribution of those conversations based on their status (grouped by direction, Inbound or Outbound)
  • Whether those conversations are handled by someone or if they are unassigned
  • Distribution of agents per status group
  • Distribution of conversations per Queues (for a better overview) and Tags (and what these are used for)
  • The performance of each channel

The current state of the Contact Center is now consolidated into one Dashboard providing Supervisors with an easier overview - displaying information about:

  • Conversations
  • Agents
  • Queues
  • Tags

The new layout offers drill-down options to find out more details on certain insights, as well as fewer clicks to find important data.


With over 52 million active users worldwide in Q4 2020, KakaoTalk boasts of being one of the most popular mobile messaging apps in South Korea. We are introducing KakaoTalk as a new channel in our Conversations solution supported over Infobip web interface and Conversations API.

Set up real-time conversations with your customers over KakaoTalk, offer live agent support, and help your agents provide the best customer service by using our pre-built digital Contact Center as a Service.

Calls - Recording UX Improvements

We have improved the UX part of our video recording, without changing any functionalities.

It's now easier to see that we have the following options:

  • Record only the audio aspect (to lower storage costs)
  • Record both audio and video streams

Email Templates

Along with existing templates for other channels, we have added Email templates that Conversation agents can use to quickly compose a message and send it to their customers.

Conversation Forms Improvements

Conversation forms bring forth a few improvements:

  • Conditional triggers - more flexibility so that users can mark conditional fields as required
  • Trigger list has been expanded providing a larger list of attributes
  • UI improvements

Mobile App

Conversations mobile app experience has been improved with automatic credentials saving and auto-login option. Now, agents can log in seamlessly and pick up pending customer queries faster.

Sometimes, simple texting is not enough and calls are more suitable to sort out the issue in a timely manner:

  • customers need to show the issue they are experiencing in real time
  • agents need to share instructions over screen share
  • contact centers want to improve high-value customer relationships with face-to-face interaction

We have added all of the above changes with audio and video calling options directly within the Conversations mobile app.

Conversations API

Besides regular templates, WhatsApp media templates are now supported in Conversations API.

The Media message template usually consists of three sections: HeaderBody, and Footer.

The header contains media, while the body is a mandatory text field. The footer is optional, can only contain static content, and is not defined in the API request.

Supported media types are:

  • Image
  • Document
  • Video
  • Location

Check out more info on WhatsApp templates.


Metrics for Messages in Flow

Track the performance of your messages directly on the Flow canvas. The added metrics for the messages sent over different communication channels will give you a quick overview of delivery, click, and open rates.


General availability: Share customer data between our People data platform and the Salesforce Sales Cloud.


Viber Bots


Viber Bots are now available over Answers!

Use Viber Bots to chat to customers on a session based billing model rather than a per-message model using Business Messages.

You can now select Viber Bots in the channel selector when setting up a new chatbot. The following message elements are available:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Video
  • File
  • Stickers
  • URL
  • Location

Instagram Messaging


Instagram messaging is now available over Answers in early access.

New WhatsApp Message Types


WhatsApp over Answers now supports new message types in early access. You can now send reply buttons, stickers, and list messages in WhatsApp over Answers.

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