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Last update September 29, 2021

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WhatsAppRegister Template option has been added to the Infobip web interface.
Instagram MessagingInbound and outbound message types have been improved.
Landing PagesForms are now supported on landing pages.
AnswersInstagram Messaging is now available.
New WhatsApp message types are now available.
Attachments for any message types are now available.
MomentsIntroducing two new Moments form types, Facebook forms and Opt-out forms.
PeopleChanges related to profile creation
ConversationsNew device options for the Calls channel.
Mobile app improvements.
New Workflows options.
Service-level Agreement (SLA) in Early Access.
Analytics updates.

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Here's what new in this release.


Register Templates

The Manage Templates section now has a Register Template button that enables you to draft and register your WhatsApp templates over the Infobip web interface.

Instagram Messaging

Improved Message Types

Inbound and outbound message types have been enhanced to improve user experience.

Landing Pages

Forms now supported

You can now add your custom forms to your opt-out landing pages. Use the new option in the Landing Pages editor to select a form you have created in the Forms module.


Instagram Messaging now available

Instagram messaging is now available over Answers. Use Instagram Messaging to chat to customers on one of the most well-known social apps in the world.

You can now select Instagram Messaging in the channel selector when setting up a new chatbot. The following message elements are available:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Stickers
  • Quick Reply

New message types for WhatsApp

WhatsApp over Answers now supports new message types. You can now send reply buttons, stickers, and list messages in WhatsApp over Answers.

Set accepted WhatsApp message attachments

You can now set whether to accept specific file types when expecting incoming files or accept all incoming files.


Facebook forms

With Facebook Lead ads, you can find people who might be interested in your products or services and collect information from them through Facebook forms. Store all their responses in Moments and use this data in an actionable way. Immediately and automatically respond to their submissions and create segments based on inputs from Facebook to provide a personalized experience.

All you need to do is connect your Facebook business account via Infobip Apps and engage audiences through Moments.

Opt-out forms

When opt-outs happen, it`s beneficial to learn more about the reasons. You can now use opt-out forms on the “Unsubscribed” page to conduct a survey and see the results. This will let you act accordingly and prevent churn.


Customer - Default Profile Type in People

You can now select a type of person`s profile when creating a new profile from API.

Character Rules for Profile Creation and Editing

To prevent an error when creating or editing profiles, don`t use these characters:  & < > " / \ \n \r : ( ) { } = ; # in the First Name, Last Name, Middle Name and Nickname fields.


Calls - Device Settings


With the aim to reduce friction and noise in agents' everyday work and ensure that they can quickly and effortlessly configure the desired input and output devices, we have added options for device settings (camera, microphone & speakers) for audio and video calls. As the agents configure these devices they can verify that they are functioning properly.

Mobile App

All Work

Until now, Conversations mobile app users have usually been provided the list of their assigned conversations in the My Work view, extended by search capabilities in all conversations.

Now we have added a new sidebar that will help both Agents and Supervisors switch between additional views:

  • All work
  • Unassigned
  • All chatbots
  • History

Call Wrap-up

Added a wrap-up window after the call has ended. Agents can enter the call summary in the wrap-up field. This way they can summarize the call without any delay during the dedicated wrap-up time, which can be extended if needed.


Added the ability for Supervisors to organize Workflows in ordered lists, meaning that the system will execute the Workflows based on their order from first to last.

Service-level Agreement


Introducing SLAto Conversations. This will help Supervisors to faster recognize breached SLA in conversations and proceed to quickly resolve such conversations to avoid long SLA breaches. This is beneficial to Supervisors as it gives them a tool to focus on the most important issues based on the severity level.


We have renamed the existing Resolution time to Total resolution time. This was done so we could differentiate the two, where the Total resolution time tracks the entire conversation from start to finish including the agent, chatbot, and the unassigned time spent. The Resolution time portion is tied to the Total resolution time but it doesn't count in the chatbot time.

Voice and Video

Conferencing Improvements

We are constantly improving the Conferencingfeature, extending the capabilities to fit our clients' business needs. Conferencing is now supported on all operating systems.

IVR over API

Added new IVR elements.

Free Trial

Free Trial available for our Voice and Video solution.

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