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Last update September 28, 2022

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User interface redesignBrand new design.
AnswersUse predefined attributes to track the status of identity change for WhatsApp end users.
Escape phrases added to analytics.
WhatsAppThere are changes to the criteria for increasing the messaging limit for senders in Brazil, Columbia, and Mexico.
If a large number of end users report or block a template message, Meta pauses the template for 3 hours.
You can now request an official account through the WhatsApp Account Manager.
PeopleIntroducing Event Aggregates.
Computed Attributes in Flow.
EmailIntroducing a new way to register domains and the ability to set up a Single Sender for testing.
All new emails now include an Unsubscribe link in the email header.
ConversationsSupport for PDF files when using the LINE channel.
Plus, Live Chat open API metadata now available to agents.

User interface redesign

We have redesigned our UI to be more user-friendly with a brand new design and easier navigation. Explore it on your own by starting a guided tour which will appear as a pop-up when you log in to your account.

Infobip user interface redesign


Predefined Attributes for Identity Change Notification

Use the following predefined attributes to obtain information about identity change for WhatsApp end users:

  • whatsAppIdentityAcknowledged
  • whatsAppIdentityHash
  • whatsAppIdentityCreated

For more information about the identity change feature, refer to the Infobip WhatsApp documentation.

Escape phrases added to analytics

Escape phrases are parameters that you can create in the chatbot settings. These phrases restart the session from the default dialog when the end user users decide to use them. We were not counting escape phrases in analytics before but now a new analytics event is created when an escape phrase is used.

To find out more about escape phrases, check out the Answers chatbot settings documentation section.


Changes to Increasing the Messaging Limit

There are changes to the criteria for increasing the messaging limit for senders in Brazil, Columbia, and Mexico. The sender must meet each of the following criteria:

  • The sender status is Connected.
  • The sender quality rating is Medium or High.
  • Within a 7-day period, the total number of unique users messaged is half the current messaging limit.

For more information, refer to the Increase the Messaging Limit > Senders in Brazil, Columbia, and Mexico section.

Template Pausing

If a large number of end users report or block a template message, Meta pauses the template for 3 hours. During this time, you can do one of the following:

  • Correct the issues: Resolve the issue with the template and/or reshape the target audience. The template would be live within two minutes of making the changes.
  • Do nothing. The template would be live after 3 hours.

Request WhatsApp Official Account through WhatsApp Account Manager

If you registered your sender through the embedded signup process, you can now request a WhatsApp official account through the WhatsApp Account Manager.


Introducing Event Aggregates

We are pleased to announce that we've extended computed attributes in People with the introduction of Event Aggregates to accompany the existing Profile Scoring and Custom Formulas (formerly Expressions) functionality. Use Event Aggregate attributes to make calculations against event data. This powerful functionality allows you to do many things to get more from your event data in People such as:

  • Define a customer's lifetime value (LTV) by getting a sum of total orders of a person.
  • Count how many purchases a customer has made in total or over a set period of time
  • Understand how many times a customer has visited a page of your site over time
  • Calculate the average purchase amount for a customer when they use loyalty points for a program.
  • and much more...

New event aggregates can be used in custom formulas  (formerly known as expressions) and profile scores to unlock additional use cases for computed attributes.

Computed Attributes in Flow

Moments customers can now leverage computed profile attributes in People (Custom Formulas, Profile Scores, and the new Event Aggregates) for better targeting of flow campaigns, audience segmentation and message content personalization.


Email introduces new functionality in this release to improve the way that you manage your domains. Registering domains has changed with the introduction of a new Senders tab.  Users will be able to register a Domain or Single Sender.

Updated Domain Registration

The flow of the domain onboarding has improved to a simple authentication step, which lets you choose:

  • Number of characters in DKIM (bits) as 1024 or 2048 – DKIM length defines the number of characters. A higher number ensures better security.
  • Purpose of domain: transactional, marketing, or not defined

The advanced and simple onboarding has been removed, so the advanced (TXT) records are applied directly to the onboard domain.

The new flow also provides a clear mapping of mandatory and optional records.

Single Senders

If you wish to test a service, you can quickly verify a single sender instead of registering a full domain. Single Senders lets you use your regular Gmail or any other email, and once you've entered the email, as soon as you receive a verification email, the sender is ready to use.

Single Senders can be used only for testing traffic and can send 100 messages as a maximum.

Emails are delivered via our internal domain and the recipient will see [email protected] via (opens in a new tab) or (opens in a new tab).

This feature is available with the web interface and API.

Unsubscribe Link in All Email Headers

All emails will now include a new Unsubscribe link in the email header.


Support for PDF files in LINE

Agents can now attach and send PDF files over the LINE channel when communicating with their customers.

Live Chat open API metadata

Agents will receive metadata about customers' web and in-app actions. Visible in the context card for a better Live Chat engagement.

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