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Last update August 30, 2023

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ConversationsBringing Advanced Analytics to your Call Center
Migration of the existing Call link feature to the CPaaS platform
Introducing improved time-based workflows
Senders configuration
MomentsFlow versioning is available for the SFTP Import entry point
You can now reuse the same inbound keyword across multiple active flows
BroadcastNew interface design
ZaloZalo API
Instagram DMMessages API
Messages APIInstagram DM
WhatsAppTemplate status, Template quality, Template editing
MMSMMS coverage for Korea
RegistrationUS Sender Registration app now supports 10DLC
Apps and IntegrationsNew app for ActiveCampaign
New app for Stripe


Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics provides an overview and insight into your contact center by diving deep into Queues, Channels, Conversations, and Tags agents use for each conversation. The Calls channel is now improved and enables you to fully take advantage of the new capabilities by displaying all of the essential channel metrics. To find more info about this new predefined dashboard, click here.

Conversations call link to CPaaS call link migration

With this release, the gradual migration of the existing call link to the CPaaS platform has started. Improvements include creating custom sub-domain names, offering you more possibilities to create a personalized experience for your call link users, and much more.

Improved time-based workflows

Workflows now have a better sense of order, and they can affect older conversations too, as long as the triggering update occurred after the workflow was set up.

For bot conversations, we are now taking into account the time since the conversation was handed over, rather than when the agent was assigned to it. It is important to note that unless specific conditions are met by a conversation, the system will not make another attempt unless the conversation is updated.

Senders configuration

This feature limits access to specific senders based on different departments, preventing the misuse of incorrect email addresses. Its configuration is on an account basis, and once activated, it will be implemented throughout the entire account. For more information, see Senders configuration.


Flow versioning is available for SFTP Import entry point

You can now create a new version of a flow that uses the SFTP Import entry point.

When you launch the new flow version, any unprocessed records in the original flow version are forwarded to the new flow version.

For more information, refer to the SFTP Import entry point > Manage flow versions documentation.

Reuse same inbound keyword across multiple flows

You can now reuse the same inbound keyword across multiple active flows by using the Evaluate inbound message element.

In cases where 2 or more flows are waiting for the same inbound keyword from the end user at the same time, the end user's input is forwarded to one of these flows randomly.

For more information, refer to the Evaluate inbound message element.


Improved visual interface enables you to more easily create your campaigns. With consistency across all supported channels, switch to any desired channel without losing the focus on the message you want to deliver to your customers.


New version of Zalo Notification Service (ZNS) API is now available. Use it to send messages with various options such as encryption (RSA), scheduled send, validity period, or failover to SMS. API also provides option to fetch data from sent messages using Zalo logs.


LINE Official Notification (LON) is now available over LINE API. Use it to send messages with various options such as scheduled send, validity period, or failover to SMS. API also provides option to fetch data from sent messages using LON delivery reports method.

Instagram DM

Now available through Messages API (opens in a new tab).

Messages API

Instagram DM is the new supported channel.


Template status, Template quality, and Template editing features are now available over WhatsApp API (opens in a new tab).

Template status

Check the template status via WhatsApp API.

Template quality

Check the quality of existing templates using WhatsApp API.

Template editing

You can now edit and change all aspects of the templates such as name, language, category, or message using WhatsApp API.


MMS support in Korea

This release includes support for MMS in Korea. The following are the restrictions for MMS image files:

  • Up to 3 JPG files of 200KB or less can be sent per message
  • Recommended resolution: 1024 * 1024 (The resolution can be changed, but it may not be displayed on certain phones)


10DLC support in US Sender Registration App

The US Sender Registration app now supports the ability to register 10DLC numbers for campaigns.

To send application-to-person (A2P) messages in the USA over short code or 10-digit long code (10DLC), businesses must complete a one-time mandatory registration process with US Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and underlying registrars.

In addition to US short codes, the documentation now describes the process for registering 10DLC numbers using the US Sender Registration app. For more information, see US Sender Registration app.

Apps and Integrations

This release includes the following new Infobip apps for Active Campaign and Stripe.


ActiveCampaign is a CRM automation tool used for inbound marketing and marketing automation.

This release includes a new integration for ActiveCampaign that enables you to use ActiveCampaign Automations to send Infobip SMS messages to your contact and leads.

For more information, see ActiveCampaign messaging.


Stripe is a financial infrastructure platform for businesses. Use Stripe to accept payments, grow revenue, and accelerate new business opportunities.

The new Stripe integration enables our clients to close the whole purchasing flow inside the Answers chatbot by being able to create the payment link for e-commerce store chatbot flows and to receive the payment easily. The Stripe integration features include:

  • **Create a Payment Link.**Automate the creation of a payment link and share it with your customers across multiple channels.
  • **Share payment links over messaging apps.**Our clients can easily share the payment link over the chatbot with their customers to finish the purchasing process.
  • **20+ payment methods.**Payment Links support 20+ payment methods—including credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

For more information, see Stripe.

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