Google Business Messages

Google Business Messages

Google Business Messages is a two-way communication channel that connects customers to businesses. Resolve customer inquiries by using the rich asynchronous messaging options of Business Messages.

Infobip is a registered Business Messages provider and offers you software and services to manage your Business Messages communications.

Google Business Messages overview


Available 24/7

Set up chatbots to make sure that your chat option is always available to answer a set of pre-defined queries.

Many entry points

Choose from the many entry points through which end users can start chats with your business.

Conversation starters

Use welcome messages and conversation starters in chats with end users.

Offline messaging

Set up an automated message to send to end users when they contact you outside your agent working hours.

Available solutions

Technical specifications

Supported operating systems and devices

The Business Messages app supports Android 6.0 or higher. The app supports all Android devices except Huawei devices.

Messaging process

Register chat entry points to enable end users to communicate with your business. When end users search for your company through Google Search or Google Maps, they will be able to respond to a chat call-to-action within the search results.

Messages from the end user are routed through a webhook to Infobip for processing. The webhook is registered as a JSON payload.

Depending on the status of the conversation, messages from the end user are routed either to the Conversations module for a live agent or to the Answers module if you have a chatbot enabled.

The messages that you send to the end user are routed over the Business Messages API.

Google Business Messages technical specifications

Chats can take place over either Android or iOS (with Google Maps installed).

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