Business Messages

Business Messages by Google is an easy-to-use two-way conversational channel which supports rich asynchronous messaging and connects customers to businesses. The benefit of using Business Messages is the numerous entry points available using Google products (Google Maps and Google Search).

Business Messages allow you to display an option to end users to ask questions through the means of chat all within the one place they are familiar with using Google products. If they are not able to find solutions using automated chats, they can switch over to an agent, with visible anticipated response times.

Main Spec

Use Business Messages to quickly resolve customer inquiries, resolve scheduling, and ultimately drive loyalty through a rich messaging experience with quick replies and various messaging options, all within the Infobip platform.


Available 24/7

Set up chatbots to make sure your chat option is always available to answer a set of generic queries, no matter the day or time.

Multiple Entry Points

Choose from a number of entry points end-users can initiate chats with your business.

Conversation Starters

Set the tone with welcome messages and conversation starters to get the ball rolling with end-user chats.

Offline Messaging

Set up automated out-of-hours chats when agents are not online, to continue taking chats.

Agent and Location Level Chat

Set at what level chats are applicable, whether it is at entry point, or at location level, regardless of entry point.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Measure customer satisfaction with built-in surveys by Google directly within the messaging experience.

Available Solutions

 conversations-iconConversations   answers-iconAnswers


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Technical Specifications

After you register your chat entry points with Infobip, and users perform a search for your company, search results will include one of the chat entry points depending on type of search (Maps or Search).

Once users trigger entry points, chats are initiated, and messages are routed through webhook to Infobip for processing. They’re then routed back as a response over the Business Messages API. Chats take place over both Android and iOS (with Google Maps installed).

When users initiate a chat the messaging platform is opened with your customized welcome message, anticipated response time, conversation starters and your company’s branding. Sent messages are routed by Google on the webhook, registered as JSON payload.

Depending on content and use case, messages can be routed to the Infobip platform Answers module where chatbots are built, or alternatively to the Conversations module if users need to chat with a human.

Business Messages Tech Spec

Once messages are processed on either end, they are routed over to the Business Message API either to the user or back towards the chatbot or agent using Answers or Conversations.

Use the links below for more official information around Business Messages technical specifications:

Before Getting Started

As a registered Business Messages provider, Infobip will handle the process of registration and enablement of Agents – entities that represent business entities (Brands).

Infobip will provide full support during the registration and help you identify the entry points, use cases and guide you through all the steps, from testing to verification, and going live. To set up a connection to Business Messages, you will need to have a Google Business Profile.

Before moving on to Getting Started, it is important to understand some things about respondents on the other end of the chat to customer queries, otherwise known as Agents in Business Messages.

Agents are respondents to customer chats over any interface. Customers can reach the chat through generic or location-based searches, but messages contain context from where chats were initiated and passed with each message to your webhook.

Before you create an agent, familiarize yourself with agent expectations.