Number Lookup

Number Lookup is a product that draws information from Home Location Register. This is a database that contains important information about every mobile subscriber of a specific mobile network.

You will receive information if the phone number has been ported to another network, if the user is in roaming, if the number is still valid and if it has any permanent or any other errors. Number Lookup also allows you to check the status and validity of mobile numbers, and the country/mobile network they are associated with. This can save substantial amounts to global companies with millions of users, improve delivery rates and optimize processes in real time.


To use Infobip platform, you need credentials. If you already have an Infobip account, log in to the web interface. Otherwise, create an account.


Database Cleaning
Database cleaning enables you to identify whether a mobile phone number is unused, inactive, ported or roaming. It allows you to work with accurate data, optimize commercially and improve targeting, which has an impact on your ROI and customer satisfaction.

Portability Identification
Real-time number portability lookups will optimize messaging and VoIP charging and routing for a range of companies and various telecoms network services.

SIM Swap Fraud Detection 
Number Lookup can detect changes on the IMSI number. IMSI changes can show if there have been illegal activities for the mobile phone number in question. When the fraudster wants to perform an illegal transaction, the enterprise provider will get information about different IMSI and time when IMSI has been changed (next to the same MSISDN). This can trigger a notification about suspicious activity and a need for additional transaction authorizations.

Additional MSISDN Information
Number Lookup also provides detailed information regarding the queried MSISDN such as operator name and a list of all the operators assigned MNCs. Additionally, this service also features a modified search algorithm, which provides detailed information about a queried MSISDN even if the mobile handset is switched off.

High-performance Validation of Mobile Phone Numbers
Number Lookup identifies the home network of mobile phone numbers in nearly 400 networks worldwide, providing a truly international mobile number check service.