Communication list

Communication List

All campaigns that you create are listed on the Communications page in Moments. You can view the following information.

  • Flow status: active, canceled, draft
  • Who created the flow and when
  • Traffic and expenses information

Archived flows are not present in this list.

Use one or more of the filters in the left-side panel to search for a specific communication. The following filters are available.

  • Users who created the communication: Select one or more users.
  • Dates. Example: Ended on and modified on
  • Communication type: Broadcast, Flow
  • Status
  • Channel
  • Template name

Use the three-dots menu to duplicate a campaign or view its logs.


Use the buttons at the top of the page to create a new Flow or Broadcast.

Create new flow or broadcast


Archived campaigns are not visible on the communication list or anywhere else on the web interface.

If you do not have a subscription for Moments, broadcasts are archived automatically in the following situations.

Broadcast statusWhen it is archived
DraftAfter 90 days of inactivity
PausedAfter 90 days of inactivity
FailedAfter 90 days
CanceledAfter 90 days
FinishedAfter 90 days

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