After successfully launching an innovative mentorship program for startups from Croatia, Scale|Croatia, Infobip and Google continued their cooperation, this time in form of a B2B Marketing Forum. Dedicated to companies and startups from across the CEE region the B2B Marketing Forum is a conference focused on marketing, analytical and technology aspects of growing companies from the B2B sector.

This is a natural continuation of the cooperation with Google regarding startup initiatives and launching projects that will further strengthen the rapidly growing technological scene here in Croatia and the CEE region. The Scale|Croatia project, which was launched last year with Google and Goldman Sachs, was an extremely successful pilot that is planned to be repeated, segmented and grown in the near future, and replicated in other countries, regions and verticals.

said Nikola Pavesic, head of the Infobip Startup Tribe.

The event gathered representatives and speakers of numerous strong companies such as Rimac Technology, Productive, Make, Darwin & the Machines to share knowledge and best practices of B2B marketing. Experienced speakers from the Infobip Startup Tribe programme also took the stage and addressed different topics, from how to grow a B2B brand as a startup to what agile research in marketing means, and much more.

Infobip was a logical choice as a partner for this event as one of the most successful B2B companies in our region, which we often use as an example in communication with startups of how a global company can be successfully built from that region.

added Barbara Bednarek of Google LCC.

Event topics
  • Devising an engaging B2B offering
  • Lessons from 100+ branding projects for SaaS and B2B companies
  • How to benefit most from a new generation of Google Analytics
  • Agile research in marketing
  • How to reach your ideal customer
  • How to market a global B2B product from Central Europe
  • Conversational approach: how & why?
  • How to grow the marketing team that can grow your business
  • How to do branding for B2B (SaaS) effectively
  • How to benefit from PR as a startup

Thomas Hobbs, Head of Marketing, Rimac Technology

Zoran Arsovski, Managing Director, VertoDigital

Michal Pastier, Co-Founder & Creative Director, Darwin & the Machines

Karolina Wrzask, Advertising Solutions Architect, Google

Marin Mrša, CEO, Peekator

Ivo Shipochky, Head of Paid Growth, VertoDigital

Bojan Rendulic, VP of Marketing, Productive

Ivan Capan, Platforms Expert, Infobip

Leo Alshafei, Co-Head of Marketing, Make

Ivo Špigel, CEO, Pontyx

Matija Nakić, CEO, Farseer

Mirta Benvin, Senior Marketing Manager, Aplauz

Nikola Komes, CEO, InsiderCX

Tamas Lajtner, Head of Communications, SEON

Key takeaways
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