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  • +Life

    Social sustainable shopping app for GenZs

    United States United States Ecommerce
  • 2Meters

    Waste time in queues no more! Digital queueing solutions.

    Germany Germany SaaS
  • 4Loja

    Inserting small businesses in the digital environment

    Brazil Brazil Ecommerce
  • AAppoint

    Business platform for turning existing into repeated customers

    Thailand Thailand SaaS
  • Ace Smart Technologies

    Developing EdTech softwares in Zambia with 35,000+ pupils

    Zambia Zambia EdTech
  • ACX

    ACX represents innovative crypto platform for trading

    Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Crypto and Blockchain
  • Adadot

    World’s first fitness tracker for work

    United Kingdom United Kingdom SaaS
  • Aestimo

    Inspect damage claims from 1 office anywhere in the world

    Slovenia Slovenia InsurTech
  • Aestus Group

    Next-generation accounting service

    Croatia Croatia Other
  • AEVO

    Innovation Management platform for big companies

    Brazil Brazil SaaS
  • AfriKonekta

    A long-distance bus transportation platform

    Finland Finland Mobility Tech
  • Ages Bioactive

    Develop bioactive compounds from Amazon biome to healthspan

    Brazil Brazil LOHAS
  • Ailend

    Offering financial services for customers

    Albania Albania FinTech
  • airt

    Deep Learning PaaS for non-data scientists

    Croatia Croatia AI/ML
  • Aitend

    Humanizing relationships between people and machines

    Portugal Portugal AI/ML
  • ALAN Analytics

    Predicting human behavior to manage future outcomes

    Slovakia Slovakia AI/ML
  • Amodo

    Award winning European Insurtech company

    Croatia Croatia InsurTech
  • Apphive

    No-code platform to create mobile apps for Android and IOS

    United States United States SaaS

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