Show me startups specialized in all industries based in all regions
  • Beerent

    All in one property management solution

    Croatia Croatia SaaS
  • Bellabeat

    Women well-being

    United States United States Wearables and quantified self
  • BezoMoney

    Financial products and services for the unbanked in Ghana

    Ghana Ghana FinTech
  • bike2web

    Helping Motorcycle Dealers increase their online sales

    Colombia Colombia Marketing Tech
  • Bilt Rewards

    Make renting rewarding, provide a path to home ownership

    United States United States FinTech
  • Birds/Ally

    Couples Therapy DIY. Making proven tools accessible.

    Sweden Sweden Digital Health
  • BISS

    Building great solutions in spirit of true software craftsmanship

    Croatia Croatia Other

    Most authentic and tasteful organic snacks on the market

    Croatia Croatia Other
  • bitebell

    Delivery automation platform

    Serbia Serbia Restaurant Tech
  • BizB

    Online marketplace for preloved apparel for women

    Pakistan Pakistan Ecommerce
  • Bizzyn

    Unlocking Finance For SMEs

    Tanzania Tanzania FinTech
  • Blinking

    Helping businesses in identifying and verifying their users

    Serbia Serbia SaaS
  • Bluber

    Taxi application, for drivers and passengers

    Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Other
  • Blue Infinity

    Offering SMS and Viber business messaging platform to businesses

    Mongolia Mongolia AdTech
  • botsurance

    Helping Nigerians access genuine insurance cover in realtime

    Nigeria Nigeria InsurTech
  • BP Tech Solutions

    We tend to create pathways to connect 

    Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Ecommerce
  • bulkbox

    Hyper local distribution platform 

    Kenya Kenya Supply Chain Tech

    Revolutionazing service to get building documents in minutes

    Sweden Sweden Other

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