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  • Gump

    SaaS productivity platform for photographers and images

    Hong Kong SAR Hong Kong SAR SaaS
  • HAAT delivery

    Making food delivery effortless, for everyone, everywhere!

    Israel Israel Other
  • Habitad

    Digitising the out door advertising industry

    Croatia Croatia AdTech
  • Hasibu

    Ultimate Financial OS for African SMEs

    Kenya Kenya FinTech
  • Heartcount

    Measuring how employees feel and reduce turnover rate

    Serbia Serbia SaaS
  • Herbalos

    Creating products from natural ingredients

    Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Other
  • HerzensApp

    We are Uber for nursing

    Austria Austria Digital Health
  • Hortee

    Marketplace to buy and sell fresh food in local communities

    Portugal Portugal CleanTech
  • House of Change

    The conversational-first marketplace for consumption change

    Germany Germany Mobile Commerce
  • Hrestart

    Complete onboarding platform for employees

    Brazil Brazil HRTech

    Marketplace for logistics where supply and demand is matched

    Croatia Croatia SaaS
  • Huddle

    Providing software for gaming operators of all sizes

    Croatia Croatia SaaS
  • Hypefy

    100% automated and scalable influencer marketing platform

    Croatia Croatia AdTech
  • iMotorbike

    Digitalizing 100 millions transactions of motorcycles yearly

    Vietnam Vietnam Ecommerce
  • impaKt

    Sales and marketing AI copilot for businesses

    Costa Rica Costa Rica Marketing Tech
  • Inclusivity Solutions

    Embedded Insurance Solutions for Emerging Africa

    South Africa South Africa InsurTech
  • inremit

    A mobile-only remittance service for the unbanked migrants

    Singapore Singapore FinTech
  • InsiderCX

    Capture, analyze and act on customer feedback anywhere

    Croatia Croatia Marketing Tech

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