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  • Releese

    Instagram for your feelings and emotions where you are real

    United States United States TMT
  • Resilia Service

    Everything you need at one place (healthcare, beauty and wellness)

    Italy Italy Digital Health
  • Revuto

    Active subscription management solution

    Croatia Croatia FinTech
  • Ringolock

    Digitising doors; open any door via mobile phone

    Slovenia Slovenia IoT
  • Robot4Work

    Humanoid robot employees

    Germany Germany AI/ML

    Removing robots from humans

    Croatia Croatia AI/ML
  • ROI sender

    E-commerce platform for sending promotional messages

    Slovenia Slovenia Ecommerce
  • Rolla App

    Central health and fitness platform

    Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina HealthTech
  • Sagi

    A loyalty program that helps SMEs return customers

    Kazakhstan Kazakhstan AdTech
  • Salutare

    Patients are not lost in the system

    United Kingdom United Kingdom Digital Health
  • Sanitas Analytica

    Preventing hospitalizations and unnecessary side effects

    Croatia Croatia HealthTech
  • Sarasmart

    Streamlining critical ecom ops

    Slovenia Slovenia SaaS
  • Sense4Boat

    Next generation boat safety platform

    Croatia Croatia IoT
  • SEON

    Democratizing fraud fighting

    Hungary Hungary Other
  • Shard Labs

    Solving real-world issues using blockchain technology

    Croatia Croatia Crypto and Blockchain
  • Shoutem

    Enabling building amazing apps without a single line of code

    Croatia Croatia Mobile
  • SigningServices

    Simplest way to integrate trust services

    Estonia Estonia Other
  • Silvan

    Vegan & natural skincare that literally blooms

    Croatia Croatia Beauty

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