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  • DBMenos

    Digital platform for debt settlement

    Mexico Mexico FinTech
  • Dealcar

    The all-in-one solution for dealerships and multi-brands

    Spain Spain SaaS

    Ready to eat and drink meals

    Croatia Croatia FoodTech
  • DING

    The app for hiring students

    Croatia Croatia HRTech
  • Doct

    Telemedicine platform

    Croatia Croatia Digital Health
  • DoDe

    A door step delivery service for retailers.

    Kenya Kenya Supply Chain Tech
  • Doo!

    App that offers local services through a network of agents.

    Côte d'Ivoire Côte d'Ivoire Mobile Commerce
  • EasyBusy

    Making business software for private medical institutions

    Croatia Croatia HealthTech
  • EasyPass

    Find tutors and book private lessons in just a few clicks

    Serbia Serbia EdTech
  • ebiGo

    Vehicle and pedestrian accesses though your mobile app

    Guatemala Guatemala Big Data
  • eBreathie

    Creating a smart inhaler

    Portugal Portugal HealthTech
  • eCollect

    Europe’s leading receivables management platform

    Switzerland Switzerland FinTech
  • Ed-Watch

    Skills training platform

    Pakistan Pakistan EdTech
  • Elevien

    Virtual gymnastics competition. Judge from home.

    Croatia Croatia SaaS
  • Emerging Impact

    Neobanking for emerging markets

    United States United States FinTech
  • Emitto

    Powerful No-Code Business Messaging

    United Kingdom United Kingdom SaaS
  • Emmely

    Streamline operations, boost growth

    United States United States FinTech
  • Enigma AI

    Providing intelligent chatbots on social media platforms

    Sudan Sudan AI/ML

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