LINE Account Connect

Offer your customers rich experience with LINE Account Connect, offer them different message types, and invest in boosting your brand awareness.

Additionally, Account Connect as a service allows you to send and receive messages via Line Messaging API.

Line Account Connect

LINE Official Account

Create your businesses’ official account and interact with your customers using a branded communication channel. This type of service provides rich customer experience through one-on-one communication. It also allows you to connect your official LINE account to the Infobip platform to enhance messaging capabilities and bring the entire communication experience to a new level using Infobip solutions.

Interact with customers in real time using intuitive automation. Allow your customers to solve simple requests or offer proactive assistance using AI or keywords chatbot through the Infobip chatbot building platform–Answers. What’s more, Answers allow seamless redirection to a live agent if needed. Also, connect agents using our pre-built digital cloud contact center–Conversations.

Line in Answers and Conversations - Infobip

Combine both solutions to connect, nurture the relationship with your customers, as well as provide a memorable user experience.

There are several tiers of Line Official Accounts:

Account types LINE

How Does It Work?

The Messaging API allows for data to be passed between the Infobip Contact Center as a Service (Conversations), the chatbot building platform (Answers), and the LINE platform.

Requests are sent over HTTPS in JSON format.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. The user sends a message to the LINE Official Account.
  2. The LINE platform sends a webhook event to the webhook URL of the Infobip platform.
  3. According to the webhook event, the Infobip platform responds to the user through the LINE Platform.

How does Line as a channel work

With the Infobip platform, you have the option to send Push messages to your Line Official Account subscribers at any time. End users can reply to these Push messages; then those replies go over the Infobip platform.

Once the end user replies to Push messages, replyToken comes together with the incoming message on Infobip platform. ReplyToken is valid for 30 seconds and can be used only once, meaning only one Push message may be sent with the replyToken as a response to a customer inquiry.

Push messages sent with the replyToken are free of charge while the others are charged according to the official LINE prices that can differ based on the country of origin of the LINE Official Account.