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Submit a request

To submit a request for a new channel or sender:

  1. Go to My Requests by selecting Channels and Numbers > My Requests.
  2. Click Request Channel.
  3. Select a sender from the Sender type drop down list.
  4. Select the country for which you will be targeting this sender from the Target country drop down list.
  5. Add a name for the sender in Sender name, which will appear to the recipient of the message.
  6. Select the checkboxes for the additional details about your sender request:
    • Select the checkbox if you have a legal office in the selected target country. This is a legal requirement for use of the sender in certain jurisdictions
    • Select the checkbox if you indent to use the sender for promotional messages.
  7. Click Submit.

For most requests, you enter the general data that fits every country and channel.

For some countries, you are presented with dynamic forms that are specific for every combination of country and channel or sender. These country-specific forms direct you to the most relevant information on the request submission to improve the time to achieve successful registration.


Country-specific forms are available for the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Sweden, each having different forms based on the relevant information.

For example, when submitting a request for the United Kingdom, when you click Submit, you are directed to the specific form for the United Kingdom where you should provide more details about your company and business, and the purpose of the planned messages.

Submit a request for SMS numbers and senders

You can request a number and buy it directly from the web interface or request an Alphanumeric Sender ID.

When requesting an Alphanumeric Sender ID, the CPaaS Registration team receives a ticket. The team checks that you have SMS in your Product Catalog and then your Alphanumeric sender registration proceeds directly.

If you do not have SMS in your Product Catalog enabled, the CPaaS Registration Team assessed eligibility and may discuss your needs with you before enabling SMS in your Product Catalog.

Submit a request for WhatsApp, Email, Voice, Apple Messages, Telegram, Instagram

For these channels, when you submit a request, it does not require the assistance of the CPaaS Registration Team due to the fact that:

  • Embedded signup can be administered without escalation
  • Managing senders and domains is self-serviceable for Email once the app or card is visible
  • Buying a number with Voice capability is possible via Numbers

During the request procedure, you have the opportunity to discuss your commercial terms and the sender registration process. You may have a Solution Engineer appointed and your Product Catalog is updated and activated. The channel/sender is then ready to use.

Submit a request for RCS, Viber, Google Business Messages, Zalo, LINE, KakaoTalk

For these channels, when you submit a request, a ticket is created and sent to the CPaaS Registration team.

During the request procedure, the CPaaS Registration Team works through the registration process with you and may appoint a Solution Engineer, if needed. Your Product Catalog is updated and activated, and the channel/sender is then ready to use.

You are notified when the registration is completed.

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