Buy Numbers

To start your interactive communication, you need to have a 2-way enabled number. You can buy such a number using our web interface in the Apps, or over API.

Buy Numbers over Apps

Buy numbers over Apps

To buy numbers over our web interface, navigate to Apps and click Numbers. You will see a list of your currently owned numbers. Click BUY NUMBER to see a list available numbers and purchase one. You can filter by country and capability (Voice, SMS) to find a number that suits you best.

Select a number and it will be added to the shopping cart on the right. Click BUY to confirm the purchase.

Numbers are bought and added to the list of your owned numbers, and you are ready to use them.


In case you don't have enough credits to buy all the selected numbers, the system will buy one by one until you run out of credit. You will be prompted with a list of numbers that were not bought.

Buy Numbers over API

Our API allows you to buy numbers without using the web interface in Apps and lets you automatize the process when needed.

POST /numbers/1/numbers HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic QWxhZGRpbjpvcGVuIHNlc2FtZQ==
Accept: application/json

	"numberKey": "58B3840032C7774BAC840EEEA2C23A44"


  "numberKey": "6FED0BC540BFADD9B05ED7D89AAC22FA",
  "number": "447860041117",
  "country": "GB",
  "capabilities": [
  "shared": false,
  "price": {
    "pricePerMonth": 5,
    "setupPrice": 0,
    "currency": "EUR"

Request a Number

Infobip offers numbers in more countries than any other service provider and keeps an extensive inventory of ready-to-buy numbers. However, it’s possible that there are no numbers available for purchase in stock. In that case, you can request a number and we will try to get it for you.

When you are searching for a number, select the country where you want to buy a number. If there are numbers available, it will be listed in the grid. If there are no numbers available at the moment you’ll see the REQUEST NUMBER button.

Request a number


Not all kinds of numbers and capabilities are available in all countries. This depends on the local regulation and network operators. Nevertheless, we will do our best to acquire the number for you.

In case you’re looking for a special number, for example Short Code in the US, click the Request a number link.

Request a special number

Ordering Process

To order a number, fill out and submit a form.

You have to confirm the conditions which are linked to the estimated time needed to acquire a number and the price you’ll pay once we acquire the number and assign it to your account.

Have in mind that both ETA and prices are estimations as we can’t guarantee the terms, but we are constantly monitoring both parameters to give you the best information we can.

ETA is the time needed to acquire and prepare the number for your use. This time can vary and depends on several factors like country-specific regulation, mobile network operator policies and schedule, testing the number functionality and traffic. The information given in ETA is based on an average time needed for number setup and is regularly updated.

Prices are based on the data we already have on the numbers in a specific country and are given “up-to" values based on recent historical data. There are countries where the price is not listed meaning the data is outdated and we will know the price only once we start the acquiring process.

Any fees for setting up the number will be charged only after we acquired the number and assigned it to your account.

In case there’s not enough credits in the account the number will be placed in the inventory, thus becoming available for other clients to buy it.