Numbers and Short Codes

buy numbers for communication with customers

When we talk about numbers, we have in mind the mobile, landline, Short Code, WhatsApp, and other numbers that you can use to receive inbound messages and calls.

Numbers is also the name of our service that involves buying, configuring and using all of the above-mentioned numbers on our platform.

Use our simple and intuitive web interface to browse through numbers available for purchase and buy them. You can also manage the numbers you have already purchased by configuring when and what actions will be triggered after a message or a call has been received. All this can be automatized with the Numbers API.


To use the Infobip platform, you will need credentials. If you already have an Infobip account, log in to our web interface. Otherwise, create an account.



When you buy a number, you purchase the ability to use a specific number on our platform.


When configuring a number, you tell our platform what to do once a message or a call has been received on that specific number.


Keywords help you analyze the text of the received message and configure different actions based on the received keyword.

 Automated Actions

These actions allow you to send an automated reply to the received message, reroute an incoming call, and more.


This will tell our platform to simply forward the message to your platform using one of the selected options.