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New Mobile App Version Available? Set Reminders.

MAM use case - reminders for new app version - high-level overview

You invested in new features of your mobile phone application, but your users haven't yet upgraded to the latest version?

One simple Flow campaign will help you easily inform and remind users about all the benefits that the new version of the app brings. To ensure the maximum engagement, feel free to set up the campaign using the possibilities of rich push messages.

Communicate clearly the news and benefits the new app version brings. Motivate your mobile app users to download the latest app version by giving them incentives like coupons for free rides or discounts.

This use case will show how to send a reminder to your end users about the latest app version.

Process Workflow

MAM use case - reminders for new app version - process workflow


Steps over web interface

1. Target only app users who have not installed the latest app version by creating a segment rule on the web interface.

2. Define adequate attribute (e.g. version) and logical operator (Is not). Give a name to the segment (e.g. App Version) and click Create.

MAM use case - reminders for new app version - create segmentation rule

3. Build a new flow from scratch and target only app users who match the created rule.

MAM use case - reminders for new app version - build flow

4. Select Pause as the next element to define the period after which the notification should be sent (e.g. 15 minutes). Define notification content to re-engage your app users.

MAM use case - reminders for new app version - select pause element



After launching the flow, track its success through Evaluate data element in order to see the overall impact of the flow, for ex., how many app users installed the latest app version.

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