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Offer Special Promos to Most Loyal Customers

Voice use case - Promotional - high-level overview

We are all pretty much aware of the Black Friday rush and crowds—when most of your customers use the oppportunity to buy themselves some goods at a much lower price. But what about having an early announcement for your most faithful customers, where you can also offer them additional discounts and coupon codes?

With the Infobip Voice Broadcast you can easily contact all your loyal customers and offer them a special deal. Use Text-to-speech to convert your message into audio for your customers or simply import a pre-recorded audio file that you wish to be played to your audience.

This use case will show you how to create a simple and yet effective Voice campaign towards your customers using Broadcast.

Process Workflow

Voice use case - Promotional - process flow


Steps over Web Interface

  1. Log in to the Infobip web interface and navigate to the People module. Click IMPORT PEOPLE to import a list of your valuable customers details.

Import customer information from People

  1. After you have imported the list of phone numbers you're planning to call, navigate to the Moments module > CREATE BROADCAST. Here you'll be able to add the content that will be played to your customers.

  2. To select Voice as the channel, click Change and choose Voice.

  3. Choose your target audience. It can be a tag you created in the People module containing all destinations (persons) you would like to call and announce this message to them. In the From field select your caller ID.


Voice can only use numeric senders, and delivery of the entered sender depends on the CLI route being supported. What this means is that we are not sure that the voice connection we are using is able to deliver the caller ID as defined. Sometimes operators will manipulate the CallerID in some other value.

  1. In the Content box type the message to be played to your customers. You can use placeholders such as FirstName to address your customers by their real name and make your message even friendlier and more personal. In case you would like to upload a pre-recorded audo file choose the Use File Upload option.

Voice use case - Promotional - message content

  1. Click ANALYZE to preview your message and afterwards you can click on the LAUNCH button to send it to your customers.

Provide your customers with an option to receive the Promo Code or Coupon right away by pressing some digit on their phone keypad. After they press a digit use „Response Codes“ options on the Broadcast page to add them to a previously created tag (e.g., „SendPromoCode“ tag) and initate another campaign only towards those customers to whom you will send the discount code. You can use SMS, Email or any other Infobip channel (as well as Voice) for the promo code delivery.

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