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Provide Efficient Support for Customer Complaints

Conversations use case - Wrong order - high-level overview

Every big ecommerce company can make mistakes while preparing shipments for their customer. This can lead to various customer complaints and their overall dissatisfaction with your service. But how can we improve this process and attain great customer experience? By handling customers' complaints regarding the shipment of wrong items more efficiently. And with the help of what? Infobip Conversations.

And coupled with the Shopify integration, this helps us provide agents with a better and wider overview of all customers' orders. This way agents can handle all customer inquries from a single interface and offer the best possible customer experience.

This use case will show you how to use the Infobip platform, including our Conversations solution with the Shopify integration and WhatsApp messages as a communication channel to quickly resolve any issues regarding customers' order.


Read more about Conversations, or if you require more hands-on information, contact your Infobip account manager.

Process Workflow

Conversations use case - Wrong order - process flow


Steps over Web Interface


Integrate Shopify.

  1. End user has reached out via WhatsApp inquiring about a wrong order they have received – a red t-shirt instead of white. The agent asks the customer to provide the order ID so they can look it up and provide further assistance and resolve this issue for the customer.

  2. Search and find the customer's order ID in the Shopify customer card section.

Conversations use case - Wrong order ID

  1. Click the VIEW IN SHOPIFY button which takes you to the Shopify dashboard.

Conversations use case - Wrong order - View in Shopify

  1. Check whether the order information is correct in the Shopify dashboard.

Conversations use case - Wrong order - Shopify store

  1. Click on the FIND CUSTOMER button to link the existing Shopify customer with the person you are currently talking to.

Conversations use case - Wrong order - find customer

  1. Make sure that you link correctly before you confirm this action.

Conversations use case - Wrong order - link person

  1. Upon confirming that there was a mistake with the order, resolve the wrong item that was shipped and offer to send the correct item if the customer wishes so. Also, don't forget to create a new order that will be linked to this customer.

Conversations use case - Wrong order - create order


Infobip offers the possibility of integrating various other systems with Conversations through our custom integrations option.

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