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  • WoodCore

    A cloud core banking application

    Nigeria Nigeria FinTech
  • XAAN

    Ddigital marketplace of hotel-like services

    United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates SaaS
  • Xoink

    Making the first educational parental control app

    Croatia Croatia EdTech
  • Yesid

    Making it easy to prove your identity in emerging markets

    Mauritius Mauritius TMT
  • YMO

    Mobile payment for financial inclusion in Africa

    Guinea Guinea FinTech
  • Yoola

    Intelligent financial services platform for emerging markets

    Netherlands Netherlands FinTech

    Store manager tools for SME stores

    India India FinTech
  • Zoyya

    Enabling selling time slots online and managing operations centrally

    Croatia Croatia SaaS
  • Zuka Cash

    Revolutionizing Banking in Africa with WhatsApp

    Swaziland Swaziland FinTech
  • ZuluHood

    An innovative digital platform for home security services

    Croatia Croatia Real Estate Tech
  • Zuri Health

    Democratising access to healthcare in Africa

    Kenya Kenya HealthTech
  • Zynk

    An all-platform app allowing unlimited data transfer

    Cyprus Cyprus Infrastructure

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