Help Customers Schedule Their Appointments
Help Customers Schedule Their Appointments

Help Customers Schedule Their Appointments

Handling appointment reservation can be tricky for any brand because customers are trying to reach out to them via different channels and they may have multiple platforms where they handle all the inquiries from their end users.

To help their agents and simplify the system, they can use Infobip Conversations to take care of appointment reservations and all other inquiries that end users may have.
This way they increase agent productivity because agents can handle multiple conversations at once in this manner, and in turn this increases customer satisfaction because they can communicate with the brand using their favorite chat app.

This tutorial shows how to engage and help your customers schedule an appointment with the help of Infobip Conversations, Answersand Peopledata platform.

Conversations use case - Appointment reservation - high-level overview

Process Workflow

Conversations use case - Appointment reservation - process workflow


Steps over Web Interface

  1. Send a message to your desired brand via WhatsApp. When you send the first message, you will receive an answer from a chatbot built on the Answers platform where you can ask the chatbot about various topics such as where is the nearest branch of the brand, which services the brand offers or which products can be bought in the branch or in their online shop.

    Conversations use case - Appointment reservation send message
  2. If more convenient, the chatbot also offers the end user the option to talk with an agent if they want to reserve an appointment this way. Every end user can be redirected to the right agent using Go to Agent element and Conversations Tags.

  3. Once the end user replies with a specific keyword, in this case it is reservation, they are routed to chat with a real agent in Conversations. Agent greets the end user with a message template so he/she does not have to write a new greeting message every single time a new conversation is open.

    Conversations use case - Appointment reservation greeting message
  4. In this instance, the end user replies that they wish to reserve an appointment with the brand and states their preferred date and time. Now, inside the Customer Context Card that the agent has opened in the Conversations window they can proceed to set up appointment date and time for the end user, based on the calendar availability of this particular branch.

    Conversations use case - Appointment reservation set appointment
  5. Agent confirms the reservation with the end user who is in turn satisfied with the seamless process of their appointment reservation. With their last message, you can see that Sentiment of the conversation has increased which is also reflected in agent analytics and can tell supervisors if an agent is performing well or whether they need to improve their approach with customers.

    Conversations use case - Appointment reservation confirmation

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