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Convert Trial Users to Paying Customers

A visitor to your website checks out the pricing page 3-4 times within a couple of days. Your first step would be to see if they already have a monthly subscription plan. If not, this is your chance to send them a message explaining all the benefits of it.

Point out the main advantages of the subscription and how exactly it would impact their work or life in a positive manner, and, if they have not reacted to your first message, send another one and add some extra value like the bonus features or a special deal.

This use case explains how you can create a communication flow based on user behavior/events on your website, and how to attract their attention with the follow-up email messages.

Process Workflow

convert free trial users diagram



There are three possible ways to track customer actions: JavaScript SDK, mobile SDK, or via API. In this use case, tracking events with JavaScript SDK is required. The instructions and code are available inside the WebSDK library on our web interface (Target module > Events > Web SDK).

installing web sdk via library

track user actions via sdk


Event tracking is possible when customers are logged in to your website.

Now, before building your own automated flow based on the user interest, you should go to the Target module and create the New Event Definition. For example, use PricingViewed as an event that will trigger other actions in your communication flow. (You will need to do the same for every event you plan to use in your communication.)

defining user actions

Once you have created the New Event Definition and got your definition ID, go back to the Web SDK tab and copy the tracking method code to the body of your website.

js call for tracking user events

Steps over Web Interface

1. In the Communicate module on the navigation bar, click CREATE FLOW, and Start from Scratch.

2. As your starting point, select Trigger > People Real-Time Event. The Profile Behavior for this event will be PricingViewed. Use +property to further describe the user behavior, such as 3 visits to the pricing page in 2 days. Every user who performs these actions will enter the flow.

website customers views pricing page 

3. To reach out to users who checked out the pricing information and are not the paying subscribers, click the PricingViewed branch, select Segment audience, and the Subscription is false attribute.

audience segments on communication platform

4. Think about an email that you would want to send to the user. Maybe write something like this: All our new members get access to 4 very special features!

sending email to users via communication platform

5. Add another Wait for an event element with the NewPurchase happened behavior to reach out to users who do not subscribe after a time period that you will set in this step.

user behavior on communication platform

The email (or SMS) could say that you are offering special customized subscription packages or something similar.

email reminder to user

6. To follow the campaign metrics and adjust your communication accordingly, add Goal NewPurchase (click Set a goal on the flow canvas to open the goal panel).

user engagement analytics

7. Now that your communication is pretty much ready, click FLOW SETTINGS at the bottom of the page and click Frequency to enable the same person to reenter the flow more than once. While you are there, choose after how many hours, days, or weeks this person should reenter the flow and how many times within that specified period. This is not to overwhelm customers with reminders.

Finally, use Scheduling to select Run this flow indefinitely.  All event-based flows are meant to run indefinitely until you choose to stop them.

8. VALIDATE and LAUNCH your communication! If at any point you want to see campaign metrics, click the View Flow Performance inside your flow and a page will appear with the campaign data.

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