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Speed up Onboarding With Newly Registered Users

WhatsApp Registration notification use case - high-level overview

To create meaningful relationships with your customers and enhance their satisfaction throughout the whole shopping experience, it’s important to let them know more about your products or services at the very beginning.

As soon as new customers (who have already opted-in to receive notifications from you via WhatsApp) register on your website—send them a welcome message containing buttons that lead to additional information about your services.

This use case shows you how to welcome your new customers by sending them a message to announce enticing new products that are in store for them.

Process Workflow

WhatsApp Registration notification use case - process workflow


Before you implement this use case and start using WhatsApp interactive message templates, the template needs to be approved by WhatsApp.
Once your buttons_retail template is approved, you can reuse it and personalize it for each customer who will receive the notification.


There are three possible ways to track customer actions/events using:

  1. JavaScript SDK
  2. Mobile SDK
  3. API

In this particular use case, we need to track events with JavaScript SDK.

For detailed instructions, refer to the JavaScript SDK article on our Documentation Hub or visit the WebSDK library directly from our web interface (navigate to the People platform > Events > Web SDK).


Event tracking is possible when customers are logged into your website.

  1. Start by creating a new event that will be the trigger. Navigate to the People data platform > EVENTS > NEW EVENT DEFINITION.

In this case, you could use Registration as an event that will trigger other actions in the communication flow.
(You will need to do the same for every event you plan to add to your communication.)

WhatsApp Registration notification use case - Create new event

Once you have created a New Event Definition obtained your definition ID, go back to the Web SDK library and copy the tracking method code to the body of your website.

Steps over Web Interface

  1. In the Communicate module (on the navigation bar), click CREATE FLOW and then Start from Scratch.

  2. As your starting point, select Trigger People Real-Time Event.

  3. Select (previously set) Registration as the profile behavior behavior the flow will wait for as an event.

WhatsApp Registration notification use case - Trigger new event

  1. Add the Send WhatsApp message element and choose the buttons_retail template.

WhatsApp Registration notification use case - Use media template

  1. Now you need to define the payload for each button.

Whatsapp Registration notification use case - Define button payload

  1. Add the Evaluate Inbound element and choose WhatsApp as the communication channel.

Whatsapp Registration notification use case - Evaluate inbound message

  1. Create the button variable which will save your customer’s response.

WhatsApp Registration notification use case - Collect variable

  1. Update the person profile’s already defined answer attribute with the newly created button variable.

WhatsApp Registration notification use case - Update person's profile

  1. Create a new entry point called Change in People Profile and evaluate which button the customer has clicked on. 
    To be evaluated successfully, the attribute must be in the following form: 

    • BUTTON - Text: Button text, Payload: Payload text

WhatsApp Registration notification - Change people profile

  1. Finally, based on the button your customers have chosen, send them the required information.

WhatsApp - Registration notification use case - Send info to customers

The preview below shows how the message looks like on your end-user's device:

WhatsApp Registration notification use case - Mockup message

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