In today’s economic landscape, one’s financial reputation, reflecting their creditworthiness and fiscal responsibility, is paramount. This reputation significantly impacts access to loans, interest rates, and overall financial opportunities, shaping the trajectory of one’s financial journey and future prospects. Skorlife, a startup based in Indonesia, focuses precisely on enhancing and managing this vital aspect of individuals’ financial lives.

Startup: spotlighting financial reputation

In the bustling entrepreneurial landscape of Indonesia, under the Skortech umbrella, emerges a visionary concept named Skorlife. Co-founded by Ongki Kurniawan and Karan Khetan, it is a startup in the fintech realm, looking to revolutionize how Indonesians build and manage their financial reputation.

More than just another financial platform; Skorlife represents a movement towards empowering individuals with financial visibility. The startup’s vision revolves around helping people own, control, and manage their financial reputation. By providing users with comprehensive credit data and insights, Skorlife aims to bridge the gap between consumers and financial institutions, fostering trust and transparency in the lending process.

As Karan Khetan, Skorlife COO & Co-founder, describes it:

Skorlife represents our commitment to transforming the way Indonesians approach their financial journey. It’s about empowering individuals to take control of their financial reputation and shape a better future for themselves.

Origin: discovery amidst exploration

The genesis of Skorlife stemmed from an unexpected revelation. Initially, the founders contemplated digitizing gold lending, only to stumble upon a deeper issue during extensive market research. Through conversations with hundreds of potential customers, they unearthed a prevalent pattern of individuals resorting to secured lending, despite exorbitant interest rates. The root cause? A pervasive lack of visibility into one’s creditworthiness when seeking traditional banking loans.

This realization became the catalyst for Skorlife which is now positioning itself as a pioneer in credit score education in Indonesia. Even the name “Skorlife” embodies the mission, emphasizing the importance of financial reputation in every aspect of life.

After a year of research, the startup emerged in 2022 with just a handful of employees, while today it numbers a team of 24 dedicated individuals, and over a million downloads.

Ongki Kurniawan and Karan Khetan

Ongki Kurniawan, CEO & Co-founder, and Karan Khetan, COO & Co-founder, Skorlife

Solution: empowering through education

Skorlife’s solution may seem simple, yet it is revolutionary: providing users with a comprehensive view of their credit data through a user-friendly app.

At the core of their solution is the credit education platform, offering users a unique way to assess their creditworthiness. The platform’s KYC process, coupled with robust identity verification mechanisms, ensures a seamless user experience while comprehensive data analytics enable users to understand their financial standing and make informed decisions. The introduction of a financial advisor feature further enhanced the platform, guiding users towards their financial goals.

Unlike traditional financial platforms, Skorlife prioritizes empowering users rather than generating leads for financial institutions. And by offering personalized insights and financial advice, it enables them to make informed decisions about their financial future.

Karan says it best:

We see the platform as a a tool for empowerment. By providing users with comprehensive insights into their credit data and offering personalized financial guidance, we aim to equip them with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

Tribe: strengthening through collaboration

Skorlife’s journey so far has been short but fruitful one, boosted by the support and collaboration with Infobip. By leveraging product credits gained through the Infobip Startup Tribe program, Skorlife opted for SMS and WhatsApp solutions for their user verification process.

The result is strengthened authentication process, ensured security and reliability. Despite the lack of local team during setup, Karan praised Infobip’s responsiveness and support, alongside its delivery rates.

Infobip’s services were well known to us, and I think they worked really well. The delivery rates are better than those of other service providers and the regional team has been very responsive.

What’s next: vision beyond horizons

Looking ahead, Skorlife aims to deepen its impact by expanding its user base and refining its offerings. Education remains a cornerstone of their mission, as they strive to raise awareness about financial visibility across Indonesia. Additionally, the launch of Skorcard marks a new chapter in their journey, offering a digital-first credit card experience tailored to Indonesian consumers’ needs. With a clear vision and unwavering commitment, Skorlife continues to lead the charge towards a financially empowered future in Indonesia. And we’re honored to support them. 🤘

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