Patient experience, once limited to clinical encounters, is evolving to include digital interactions and post-care support, necessitating a redefinition to meet modern expectations and cultivate lasting patient-provider relationships. Harnessing this insight, InsiderCX emerged as a pioneering force set to redefine patient experience.

Startup: transforming patient experience

Within private healthcare, where operational challenges and patient satisfaction intertwine and every interaction count, InsiderCX has set up to be the catalyst for change. Founded in 2020 by a team with a vision of enhancing the patient-provider relationship, this startup has swiftly gained traction in the private healthcare sector across Europe.

InsiderCX offers a robust patient experience platform designed to address the pressing challenges faced by private healthcare operators, including staff shortages, operational inefficiencies, and high patient churn rates. Leveraging mobile feedback channels, it empowers healthcare providers to optimize business processes, identify unsatisfied patients in real-time, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

As Nikola Komes, InsiderCX CEO, explains:

By gathering a large quantity of feedback, we enable healthcare providers to improve business processes, and to identify who the actual unsatisfied patients were and bring them back from unsatisfied category to a promoter category in real time.

Origin: becoming an insider

The genesis of InsiderCX lies in the diverse background of its founder, Nikola, steeped in psychology and market research. Drawing from experiences in multinational corporations, he identified a critical need for a streamlined feedback system in healthcare settings. Thus, InsiderCX was born out of a mission to become the ultimate insider, providing clinics, doctors, and owners with invaluable insights into their patients’ minds.

InsiderCX CEO

Nikola Komes, CEO & Founder, InsiderCX 

Despite evolving and pivoting the business, the name and core mission remained steadfast – to empower healthcare providers with actionable feedback to drive operational excellence.

InsiderCX team

InsiderCX team

Solution: healthcare dynamics with a twist

Their solution transcends traditional feedback mechanisms, leveraging mobile channels like SMS and WhatsApp to engage patients effectively. By seamlessly integrating with healthcare systems, InsiderCX triggers feedback requests based on patient interactions, ensuring a high response rate. The platform aggregates real-time feedback, enabling healthcare providers to identify areas for improvement swiftly. Nikola explains:

The idea is very simple: getting in front of people’s faces. And the best way to achieve that is by using mobile channels and that’s a part of our business model. So, being present on kind of on an omnichannel level to get through to all patients that use a mobile device.

Moreover, the platform goes beyond feedback collection, offering innovative features such as automated therapy summaries for parents to enhance treatment outcomes and streamline communication between clinics and patients.

InsiderCX solution

InsiderCX solution

Tribe: growth through collaboration

As one of the first startups to apply to the Infobip Startup Tribe program, InsiderCX gained a supportive partner offering a helping hand in different situations. Nikola recalls:

I saw the post on LinkedIn, and talked to your colleague before the Tribe was launched, to see what’s behind it and if it’s something legit, and it turned out to be totally legit.

From the Infobip’s product palette, they opted for SMS, WhatsApp, and Viber APIs. These products played a crucial role in enabling them to effectively engage patients and healthcare providers, gather feedback, and streamline communication processes within healthcare settings. Resulting in enhanced patient experience and driving operational excellence in healthcare facilities.

The InsiderCX – Infobip collaboration reflects a shared commitment to excellence and a dedication to enhancing the healthcare experience. Now an alumni of the Tribe, InsiderCX continues to forge ahead, propelled by a culture of continuous improvement and a steadfast belief in the power of collaboration.

Reflecting on experience with Infobip Startup Tribe:

I would say, in a nutshell, it was really a top notch experience. The support team was always quick to response and help us out, so kudos to the team.

What’s next: charting the path to expansion

Looking ahead, InsiderCX sets its sights on expanding its footprint in the UK market while consolidating its position in other European regions. With a focus on sustainable growth and product differentiation, the company aims to triple its revenue in the coming year. As it navigates the intricacies of scaling operations and maintaining a competitive edge, InsiderCX remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering unparalleled value to both healthcare providers and patients alike.

Armed with a mantra of “Napravi najbolje kaj znaš” – do the best to your ability – InsiderCX embarks on the next phase of its journey, poised to redefine patient experience in the realm of healthcare. And we happily continue to support their efforts. 🤘

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