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Increase your solutions portfolio with the Infobip CPaaS and CCaaS solution. Benefit from the added value brought by our communication platform for enterprise customer engagement, authentication, and security. Amplify your customer’s digital transformation journey with Infobip.

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We are a trusted partner in expanding business messaging, bringing new revenue and building enterprise relationships with top-notch customer experience.

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Reach More Customers with a Faster, More Reliable SMS Service

Take your global SMS messaging to the next level with a platform built for scale, speed, and deliverability. 

Connect to multiple countries with a single interface and enjoy all the benefits of an industry-leading platform that ensures compliance and value.


    Increase Customer Trust and Raise Awareness

    • Verified SMS helps increase customer trust in brand communication and raise awareness at the same time by including the brand name, logo, description, link preview, and verification of each message – enhancing the customer experience for all types of SMS communication.
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    Guaranteed Connections Worldwide

    • Reach all your customers worldwide via a single API and enjoy uninterrupted SMS service at the scale you need.
    • With more direct operator connections than any other text messaging provider, Infobip’s private cloud-based carrier grade network guarantees superior performance and reliability. Especially for mission critical use cases.

    Reach Customers Faster at Scale

    • Make your global message delivery faster and more reliable, without breaking the bank.
    • Our intelligent routing engine explores multiple route parameters in real-time to find the shortest path for every message. Our 400 direct operator connections, with zero middlemen, help you keep costs low.

    Expand Your Brand’s Global Reach Without Complexity

    • Our built-in global compliance engine is constantly updated with the latest in-country regulations and operator requirements.
    • No need to worry about country specifics such as queuing, text tags, blackout periods, or sender IDs – we ensure compliance on your behalf.

    Don’t Limit Yourself to 160 Characters

    • Create international SMS messages in any language, format, or length. Our platform auto-sets the appropriate encoding to make sure your text reads perfectly on any device across the globe.
    • However long your message may be, our system will ensure it displays the way you intended on any device.
    Increase Customer Trust and Raise Awareness
    Guaranteed Connections Worldwide
    Reach Customers Faster at Scale
    Expand Your Brand’s Global Reach Without Complexity
    Don’t Limit Yourself to 160 Characters

Reach More Customers with Faster, More Reliable SMS Messaging

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  • Deploying Infobip’s SMS solution helped us decrease PIN delivery costs by around 50%. As a result of the new solution implementation, HLB project management experienced a 30% increase in process efficiency.

    Albert Tho
    Project Manager
  • The functionality the new Infobip two-way SMS app brings to Zendesk is something that our users have consistently asked for. Two-way SMS app opens up a new communication channel on the Zendesk platform with coverge we’ve not had before.

    Eric Shen
    Partnership and integration manager
  • We’d like to thank Infobip for bringing innovations to our communication with our clients. Thanks to this co-operation we were able to make our messages richer, personal, and cost-efficient too.

    Dmitry Pokydchenko
    Marketing Manager
  • With Infobip, we can engage our consumers globally over the right channel and at the right time. As a company, Infobip shares our vision of elevating customer experiences, which made them the technology partner of choice for Studio Moderna.

    Bojan Šturm
    International Print and Telemarketing
  • Infobip made a vast improvement to our internal communications. By fully automating one of the most cumbersome aspects of our billing process, the platform enabled us to operate with maximum efficiency.

    Raju Hiremath
    IT Assistant General Manager

  • Increase Customer Engagement

    Engage your customers with personalized targeted promotions for instant communication.

  • Improve Customers’ Account Security

    Keep customers’ accounts safe through the whole customer journey, with secure, fast, and successful user authentication, using one-time PINs.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

    Reduce customer complaints with time-critical notifications sent to your customers over the channels they use.

  • Improve Customer Experience

    Inform your customers with relevant information throughout the entire customer journey. Make it seamless with behavior-triggered messaging.

The omnichannel cloud communications platform for developers and businesses alike.

Infobip API

Use any programmable language to easily integrate various communication channels and modules into your business workflows.

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Infobip Web Interface

Build customer journeys easily with drag and drop automated workflows and create detailed profiles to personalize customer communication.

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The Infobip Advantage

  • Local, Globally

    Our local presence enables us to react faster and have everyday interactions with our customers, providing solutions in-line with their needs, local requirements and based on proven best-practices.

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  • Scalable, Fast and Flexible Solutions

    Our solutions are created to adapt to the constantly changing market and communication trends at speeds and levels of precision and personalization that only an in-house solution can offer.

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  • Own Infrastructure

    Our infrastructure easily scales horizontally, leveraging the hybrid cloud model to never run out of resources. 

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  • Remarkable Customer Experience

    We will help you get up and running in no time, whether it’s assisting with integrations, messaging best practices or solutions consultancy.

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  • Reach More Customers with a Faster, More Reliable SMS Service

    Take your global SMS messaging to the next level with a platform built for scale, speed, and deliverability.