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The Intelligent Chatbot Building Platform

Create and deploy a smart virtual assistant that supports your customer service and sales results by bringing a new level of automation, speed, and availability.  


Add AI to your customer support

Significantly reduce customer support costs, while increasing customer satisfaction with an AI chatbot that can recognize customer intent, instantly provide information, on any channel, and never takes a day off.  


So much more than a simple FAQs chatbot

Bring a new dimension to your up-sell, cross-sell, and lead generation efforts. Assist your customers with a true virtual assistant, capable of having real conversations – and even finishing entire transactions. 


It’s not all artificial

Keep the human touch. Allow the chatbot to handle high-volume queries, decreasing your agents’ burden, but allow seamless transfer to a human when necessary. 


Lots and lots and lots of channels

Support your customers by using a chatbot over any of their favorite communication channels – including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Messages for Business, Viber, Instagram Messages, Twitter Direct Messages, Telegram, LINE, Live Chat, SMS, RCS, and Google’s Business Messages.

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Meet Omnia

Omnia is Infobip’s own chatbot, built and deployed using Answers. Scan the QR code or add +447860064511 to your contacts and say “Hi” over WhatsApp. 

“Answers has been a huge game-changer that has enabled HFC Bank to have more customer interactions. The customer journey has changed completely, and we are happy that Infobip understood our vision and helped us implement it”

— Rose Muturi, Chief Digital Officer at HF Group

“Infobip was a gamechanger in helping us digitally transform the way we communicate with customers. Conversations and Answers helped us deliver a seamless customer experience over WhatsApp – using a chatbot to solve 69% of common queries and effortlessly transfer complex queries to agents decreased our average wait time by 96% and improved our customer satisfaction.”

— Abdullah Khan, Customer Service Team Lead, Edenred UAE

Infobip helped us improve the way we register and onboard drivers using WhatsApp. We used Answers, Conversations, and Moments to enhance our driver registration process and achieve additional growth in conversions. Together, these technologies mean we can deliver better experiences to drivers and optimize internal processes. Our strong partnership with Infobip helps support the company’s rapid growth.

— Yev Baluyeva, Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Bolt