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The Cloud Contact Center Solution

Infobip Conversations is a digital-first cloud contact center solution. Designed to improve customer and agent experience through seamless omnichannel interactions in a unified and simple workspace.


Centralize your communication

Engage and talk with your customers on any channel such as email, Chat apps, Live Chat, Video Calls, Social Media and much more.


Fast and contextualized support

Interact with your customers over the channels they love. Unify your communication and deliver great customer experiences that will increase satisfaction and retention. 


Happy employees – happy customers

Equip your team to do their job in a smart way by having all the information that they need at their fingertips. An all-in-one solution in one workspace, improving employee experience and performance. 


Let the work flow

Use accurate data insights to improve both operations and business. Automate repetitive tasks with easy to set up workflows. Bring context direct to agent panel reducing resolution time. 


Work from anywhere

Easy to scale, fast to onboard and simple to use. Your agents and field support can provide customer service from their desktop or on the go with Infobip Conversations’ mobile app. 

„We increased our NPS score by 19% and reduced the costs associated with our contact center by 10-fold. The customers love it – they use it four times more than other instant communication channels.“

— Ilya Schirov, Senior Vice President

“Infobip Conversations helped us grow our business during the global pandemic. Our customers are satisfied with the fast and convenient customer service, and our agents are happy they have a user-friendly and easy-to-onboard solution. “

— Salam Ababneh, Ahli Ninja Manager

“Infobip Conversations has significantly improved our customer satisfaction – and has had an impact on the digital transformation of our business. We managed to save time and reduce costs while providing faster customer support since introducing self-service chatbot.”

— Claudia Constanza Wilches, Flamingo,  IT and Supply Manager ​