Beam&Go: Cuts costs by 30% with unified omnichannel customer communication


reduction in cost


improvement in agent response time


Improving customer support

Connecting over 286,000 users from Singapore, Hong Kong, the UAE, and other countries with over 8,000 locations, services, and products is a challenging task in itself. However, Beam&Go – the payment and digital marketplace that empowers migrant workers – was faced with multiple customer service challenges, including:

Long customer response time

The long customer response time resulted from agents switching between different tools and platforms to resolve their customers’ inquiries. In the end, this resulted in the agents needing to work extra hours and the inability of management to track their performance and workload.

No data centralization

The lack of proper data centralization and storage resulted in a poor customer experience. Since the data was siloed, the agents often needed to start conversations with customers from scratch.

Multiple siloed customer communication platforms

Beam&Go used different providers for different channels to perform their campaigns. Due to the inability to consolidate the tools and data into a single interface, the campaigns were not performing well, while the costs of running them were high.

The team at Beam&Go realized they needed a single provider, one that would help them deal with their multiple challenges and future proof their communication down the road.


Single platform for omnichannel customer communication

After searching for a reliable partner, they found out that with Infobip, they can have an all-in-one platform for customer communication.

The ideal combination to address their needs was using Infobip’s cloud contact center solution, Conversations with our customer data platform People.

Conversations enabled the team at Beam&Go to quickly start using multiple channels such as Messenger, Live Chat, and WhatsApp to provide customer service to their clients.

Beam&Go used Messenger as the main channel for customers to get in touch with and receive more information about the company and its services. Live agents were then able to guide visitors to the website to register and start using the service.

Live Chat was added to their website to provide real-time support to visitors. The Beam&Go team were able to route potential customers to the right agent with the help of predefined buttons. This helped in preventing customer churn and saving time and resources.

To improve their customer experience, even more, Beam&Go also added WhatsApp to their Facebook page, allowing for quick and easy communication.

In addition to these customer service channels and their innovative implementation, they also started sending promotional campaigns through Email and Viber to generate new leads and improve sales. The customer data platform, People, helped the team at Beam&Go to segment their customers for personalized email campaigns.


Cost savings of up to 30%

Beam&Go saw multiple positive results after starting to use Infobip’s platform. Switching to a unified solution has allowed them to handle campaigns, conversations with customers, and get valuable insights from analytics and reports. By doing this, they were able to reduce services from previous providers – resulting in cost savings of up to 30%.

In addition to saving costs, using Infobip’s JIRA integration proved to be more agent-friendly and efficient – improving the marketplace’s agent response time by 100%.

With Infobip’s support and guidance and customer data platform – People, Beam&Go improved messaging and targeting on multiple channels:

  • Email: With proper customer segmentation, the email campaign open rates have improved by 22%, and the clickthrough rate has increased from 1% to 3%.
  • Viber: Promotional campaigns on Viber achieve an impressive 40% open rate – and compared to email, Viber campaigns give Beam&Go 80% higher open rates and 300% higher click-through rates.

Finally, Beam&Go significantly improved customer experience by implementing a contact center solution and an omnichannel communication strategy – using Live Chat, Messenger, and WhatsApp to help guide new and existing customers through the customer journey.

Infobip’s platform has helped us, at Beam&Go, improve our customer communications at scale. Before Infobip, our customer service processes were manual, while now, it’s more automated, cost-efficient, and user-friendly. Our customers now experience a seamless customer journey while at the same time we’ve cut costs by around 30%.

Kath Cayabyab

Marketing Team Lead

Company Profile


Beam&Go is a payment and digital marketplace that empowers migrant workers by giving them control over how their remittances are spent by their families back home. They currently serve over 286,000 users – including OFWs from Singapore, Hong Kong, the UAE and more – and their beneficiaries, connecting them to over 8,000 locations, services, and products across the Philippines. On Beam&Go, an OFW can allocate a specific amount of money to a specific merchant (for example, $100 toward groceries in Supermarket ABC) – the platform then forwards a unique gift code to her chosen beneficiary (for example, husband) to spend the amount only in that category and location. By enabling migrant workers to manage the financial responsibilities of their family network, the platform addresses the issue of remittance leakage and empowers their families to better manage their finances and make responsible spending decisions for the household.